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Integral Ad Science Brings Together Contextual Targeting and Measurement

Integral Ad Science announced this morning its Control Panel, a new product that will allow advertisers to plan, measure, and optimize contextual targeting campaigns in one place.

TruPresence Helps Multi-Location Marketers Audit SEO Across Locations

Let’s say you’re a marketer at Whole Foods corporate who is responsible for auditing SEO performance across hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide. How do you audit the performance of this given URL, which looks like just a part of Whole Foods’ website but essentially functions like the independent website of a local business? How do you swiftly audit hundreds or thousands of those pages?

What Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ Expansion Means for Local Merchants

Buy with Prime could accelerate Amazon’s growth and merchant adoption of FBA. It could also lead to a shift in order fulfillment volume from the third-party logistics companies that many merchants currently use for order fulfillment over to FBA. That’s good news for Amazon but bad news for third-party logistics companies and post-purchase experience platforms working primarily with mid-size merchants.


The Middle Ground on Personalization

What is the most viable critique of personalization, and what form should personalization take to provide real value to marketers and consumers?

To Crack Open CTV’s Data Issue, Give Publishers the Benefit of the Doubt

There is an opportunity to take some of the best strategies from decades of linear TV buying and selling and bring that forward. Adding intelligence on the supply side for CTV, while at the same time empowering the buy side to use that data to deliver scale, ensures that video has the breadth to do what it does best: power awareness and build brands.

Combating Ad Fraud with Machine Learning and Human Supervision

While machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the rise within ad fraud prevention efforts, it’s becoming clear that machines, despite their competence for processing knowledge, can’t fight the battle alone. Ultimately, humans are much more adept at understanding and applying logic. That’s why a combination of machine learning and manual, human intervention is crucial in the fight against ad fraud.

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Survey: Brands Marketers Switching from Paid Social to OOH

According to a new survey from, the majority of marketers are actively looking for alternatives to paid social in 2022, and 67% believe their digital returns have diminished, even after scaling up programs.

The Future-Proof, Full-Funnel Approach to Thriving in a Cookieless World

Building strong relationships and encouraging customers to continually engage with the brand will go a long way toward building out first-party data collection and management. But how? As the cookieless world draws near, brands and marketers are looking for alternatives, and the answer lies in a future-proof, full-funnel approach.

E-Commerce Retailers See Opportunity in Secondhand Market

Call it secondhand shopping, circular fashion, or the “new to you” business. The resale market for brand name goods has never been hotter.

Creating the Next Business Model for Content Delivery

The creator economy is here to stay. Over the last 10 years, millions of people have embraced their creative abilities to find new ways to make money — not just by making videos, writing blogs, or recording podcasts, but by creating deep connections with other people through the convergence of technology and art.

How Retailers Are Grappling with Supply Chain Disruption

Few economic issues have persisted throughout the pandemic with the intensity of supply chain disruption. But how is the issue affecting retailers as we head into the third full year of the pandemic, which first disrupted global business in spring 2020?

3 Ways for Mobile App Marketers to Earn Positive Reviews

User feedback is a puzzle, and one piece that always seems to be missing from the brand side is engagement. User reviews and consistent customer experiences are the keys to a loyal user base. What’s more, reviews left without replies can be more devastating than no review at all or a negative one.

Mobile Apps Show Strong User and Engagement Growth

Privacy headwinds as well as the advent of the metaverse and a new wave of hardware have led many to question the future of mobile’s place at the center of digital marketing. But according to a new report by mobile marketing measurement company Adjust, mobile is experiencing significant growth despite headwinds.

Did You Get That? Optimizing Marketing with Speech Recognition

So, where specifically are the opportunities for marketers to combat forthcoming challenges related to speech recognition and drive business value? Speech recognition can help marketers collaborate more efficiently, share insights with customers more clearly, and get time back by automating manual labor.

5 Big Marketing Opportunities for Multi-Location Brands

This year’s is the fourth annual LMBR report; the data used in the analysis was provided by data partner Places Scout. Those interested in the full results can check out the report here. In this article, I’ll highlight just a few of the key takeaways for multi-location marketers.

Camera IQ Helps Brands Leverage AR on TikTok

Camera IQ, an AR creation tool, launched support this week for brands using AR on TikTok. Camera IQ is already helping brands and publishers such as Cartoon Network and Smashbox creative native AR experiences on TikTok to captivate users and create shareable social experiences.