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StreetFight follows the dynamic disruption taking place in multi-location (MULO) marketing.

We’re talking large-scale social media monitoring, reputation management, SEO, websites, and listings optimization. These dynamics have compelled their own purpose-built branch of the local commerce software ecosystem, which we call multi-location marketing.

Our brand and agency readers,  read StreetFight to stay informed on the events, innovations, and moves of their peers and competitors. StreetFight keeps them in tune with the trajectory and maturation of the MULO sector.

Raise your MULO IQ by frequenting the pages of StreetFight. For added convenience, we offer StreetFight Daily (SFD) to deliver insights to your inbox every weekday morning. Beyond original writings, SFD curates all the relevant MULO news and insights to save you time. Read it with your morning coffee and get MULO-smart.

Our History

When we launched in 2009, our mission was to be an online publication that stood as an authoritative voice on hyper-local commerce. The thought at the time was, just like politics, all commerce is local. Meanwhile, a battle was brewing in tech & media circles for consumer engagement and corresponding local business marketing – a “Street Fight” if you will.

Over the years, as most agile and adept businesses do, we have evolved our mission. Hyper became Multi. StreetFight’s focus and authority have shifted to the business dynamics of multi-location brands. Operating at the local level – but with national scale and brand prowess – this is an opportune, rapidly evolving, and influential segment of the local commerce ecosystem.