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FKA CGO: ‘Any Agency That Says These Are Easy Times Is Simply Lying’

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Is the agency model inherently broken, or is the executive turnover taking place at large global firms pushing the digital media landscape in a more positive direction? If you ask Linsey Loy, the newly-appointed chief growth officer at Formerly Known As, or FKA, it’s most definitely the former.

Razorfish - Consumer Privacy Paradox

Razorfish: Consumer Privacy Paradox

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According to a just-released study of online consumer behavior, what consumers say and what they do are not always aligned, especially when it comes to their data privacy.

Mood Media acquires Vibenomics

Mood Media Acquires Vibenomics

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Vibenomics was purchased by Mood Media, an on-premise experiential technology and media company based out of Austin, Texas.


How to Fix Costly Subpar Data at the Source

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As marketers increasingly rely on their own first-party data, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed: subpar data will yield subpar outcomes. In fact, according to Gartner, data of poor quality costs organizations an average of $12.9 million every year. 

Goodbye, Wild West. Hello, New Data Strategy

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While many brands see the new data paradigm as something to rally against or covertly manipulate, most see the inherent opportunities — opportunities that can create greater customer loyalty and, importantly, higher long-term revenue. Here’s how marketers are adapting their data strategies to the new frontier. 

Multi-Location Marketing Challenges

The Most Common Multi-Location Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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To make your life as a multi-channel marketer just a little bit easier, let’s talk about four of the most common multi-location marketing challenges—and how to overcome them.

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What GoWalla’s Resurgence Says About the State of SoLoMo

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GoWalla is re-launching. And what better place to do it than its original birthplace at SXSW? Now fourteen years later, the product will contain a mix of its original SoLoMo formula, features to address today’s demand signals, and other learnings from its first run.

Restaurants Use Mobile Ordering Tech to Fill Staffing Gaps

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For restaurant owners that aren’t willing to make such drastic changes, technology is being used to fill in the gaps when fewer employees are available.

Retailers Find New Ways to Level Up Marketing with ChatGPT

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Generative AI has quickly become a booming industry, and retailers are taking notice. Throughout the retail marketing space, executives and agencies are rushing to figure out how to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT and similar technologies to their advantage.

Survey: Media Planners Concerned About Programmatic Disruption

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Is the death of third-party cookies more hype than reality? The majority of media buyers are still using third-party data in their digital campaigns, with an average of 11.9 data providers used for each campaign, according to the results of a new study of media buyers, planners, and strategists released this morning and conducted by the data firm Datonics.

Why Are So Many Retailers Investing in Next-Day Order Fulfillment in 2023?

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The continued growth and normalization of online shopping is creating increased demand for faster delivery times and forcing retailers to make significant investments in shipping to stay relevant. 

What Comes Next for Generative AI in Retail? Here’s What the Experts Say

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No longer reserved for strictly marketing or communications tasks, generative AI is now being integrated into aspects of daily retail, supply chain, and customer service operations.

Kevel: Why Retail Media Needs a Rebellion

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Retail media is one of digital advertising’s fastest-growing sectors. But the space is also home to intense debates over retailers’ control of their own data and inventory, the emergence of new walled gardens, and privacy. James Avery, CEO and founder of Kevel, claims retail media needs a “rebellion.” We talked about why.

How Brands Can Effectively Reach Gamers

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As everyone knows, video games are deeply immersive and interactive. The environments are also among the most intimate for fostering customer relationships. Any interruptions within the platform that are not relevant or don’t add value are likely to alienate a brand’s consumer target. A new survey from Disqo, a customer experience platform, bears that out.

Redefining NFTs by 10 Emerging Utilities

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As some forward-thinking brands have already found, the unexpected utilities of NFTs makes them good for much more than digital art.

Spectrum Reach Extends the Power of TV Advertising

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Spectrum Reach, the ad sales business unit of Charter Communications, and video creator Waymark introduced an AI-powered platform last month that lets businesses produce TV advertising with AI-generated voiceover in five minutes or less.