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Bezos Might Get His Delivery Drones Sooner Than You’d Think

No Comments 03 December 2013 by

If Amazon really wanted to get unmanned delivery aircraft into our skies by the end of the decade, maybe Jeff Bezos could set up a series of challenges, working with DARPA. They could perhaps use U. S. government facilities like simulated urban environments on bases as contest venues. The FAA could chip in with providing specific guidance on how to make drones urban airspace legal for commercial purposes. Bezos could underwrite the contest. All IP created would remain the property of the participants...

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Getting Drones to Do Our Hyperlocal Bidding

No Comments 20 August 2013 by

Drones are the perfect last-mile delivery vehicle for small loads. Ultimately, I envision a future where the drones do all the local delivery and put the brick-and-mortar shops on much more even footing with Amazon and other larger providers. Why would I use this service? Because if I can buy from people that I have a personal relationship with and enjoy the same frictionless commerce and zero hassle, I will do it much of the time...

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Apple May Have the Hardware, But Google’s Winning Hyperlocal

1 Comment 23 January 2013 by

The hyperlocal interface will overwhelmingly revolve around a mobile experience with advertising and commerce tied to location and in-the-moment activities or sentiments. By ceding that real estate to Google with a sub-par user interface and experience, Apple is handicapping its future efforts to earn a significant chunk of that market...

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Guns, Money, and a Data-Driven Hyperlocal Wire Service

No Comments 11 January 2013 by

A data-driven wire service would — through a cooperative model or other collaborative form of consumption — help pool the costs of complicated technology development and integration across numerous parties while yielding scalable, customizable results. Put the wired in wire service and let the database masters rule the new media universe...

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2013: The Revenge of the Merchant

2 Comments 19 December 2012 by

Next year, merchants will start to gain the upper hand in online marketing. That gain will come from lessons in the consumer market, where simple UI and UX have become paramount for success and sophisticated filtering has given way to three-click processes.

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How E-hail Apps Like Uber Could Impact the Hyperlocal Ecosystem

1 Comment 06 December 2012 by

It’s entirely conceivable that fast-growing ranks of Uber users would not be averse to other commerce offerings that could be paid for through the phone app. In fact, these users are probably even more used to the idea of paying over the phone than people who use Google Wallet or Apple’s Passbook, neither of which has achieved wide adoption or even viral growth...

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Hyperlocal Video Finally Comes of Age

1 Comment 21 November 2012 by

Hyperlocal video has, until now, been basically an oxymoron. The local television stations push out a decent amount of video but it has a metro rather than a hyperlocal focus. and other hyperlocal news networks have done a bit of video, but it remains expensive to produce and comparatively hard to monetize at lower traffic levels. This is why a platform like Glocal looks really, really interesting...

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Election 2012

2012 Election Points to Hyperlocal Future in Politics

No Comments 08 November 2012 by

Election coverage at the local level is going to grow in importance., Here’s why: The shift from air attack to the tech-enabled ground game means that, in all likelihood, the era of declining voter turnouts are over, in my opinion. With growing turnouts come a more broadly-engaged electorate not just on political matters but on local politics that constitute the true bread-and-butter issues for many towns and small cities...

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Yahoo Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Turn Away From Local

1 Comment 24 October 2012 by

Local offers Yahoo one of the few great markets where no obvious winner has emerged. Yes, Google owns Maps, Android and local search. Meanwhile Apple is moving to lock up the mobile local search segment (including voice recognition with Siri). But neither has really owns local content yet...

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Prognosis Positive for Small-Town Newspapers?

1 Comment 10 October 2012 by

We all know that small papers have suffered far less than major metros in the advertising bloodbath. And talk to anyone in a small town and these papers continue to have tremendous relevance. Small papers have mostly slashed extras costs, if they ever grew bloated in the first place. And today, more than ever before, the tools for easily putting a small-town paper on the Internet have become incredibly simple...

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