Vericast Introduces nCountR Platform and Market Experience Center for Retail Advertising Innovation Street Fight

Vericast Introduces nCountR Platform and Market Experience Center for Retail Advertising Innovation

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Despite the rise of e-commerce, in-store experiences remain crucial for retailers. Recent studies indicate that a significant portion of consumers still prefer to make their purchases in physical stores, underscoring the importance of effective in-store advertising strategies. Against this backdrop,  Vericast has unveiled the name of its advanced retail media platform: nCountR. Alongside this announcement comes the introduction of the “Market Experience” demonstration center, poised to open its doors this fall. This platform promises to change the way brands and retailers engage with consumers at crucial touchpoints within the shopping journey.

Vericast is merging the power of traditional retail media networks with cutting-edge digital technology. By seamlessly integrating in-store digital programmatic advertising with advanced data analytics and measurement tools, nCountR creates immersive customer experiences right at the point of purchase.

Why programmatic? Programmatic advertising continues to gain momentum in the retail sector, offering brands and retailers greater flexibility and efficiency in reaching their target audiences. With nCountR’s integration of digital programmatic advertising, retailers can leverage real-time data to deliver personalized and relevant messages to shoppers.

Hans Fischmann, Vice President and General Manager of nCountR, told Street Fight, “By partnering with leading companies in technology, security, and data analytics, nCountR is set to transform the shopping experience by delivering targeted, contextual experiences right at the moment of truth—the point at which buying decisions are made. nCountR promises to revolutionize how brands connect with consumers, providing unmatched opportunities for engagement during crucial moments of a shopper’s journey. With nCountR, we are leveling the playing field, offering both retailers and brands the chance to expand their influence where it matters most—directly at the point of sale.”

Designed to empower marketers with new opportunities to engage consumers in previously untapped locations within the physical store, nCountR opens up new avenues for revenue growth. By leveraging digital screens and merchandising near critical points in the store, brands and retailers can capture and influence consumers during the final stages of their purchase journey.

The Market Experience, located in Austin, TX, will serve as a dynamic showcase of nCountR’s capabilities. Mimicking the layout of a grocery store with nearly 1,000 square feet of aisles and shelving, this demonstration center will provide marketers with firsthand insights into the platform’s functionality. Created in collaboration with Retail Fluent and leading technology partners, the Market Experience will offer a hands-on environment for testing, certification, and demonstration of nCountR components.

“Our visionary designers behind this culinary haven have crafted a visual journey that resonates with shoppers’ weekly routines.”, states Paul Ruitenberg, managing principal at Retail Fluent. “ Welcome to a world where shopping transcends mere necessity—it becomes a delightful exploration of flavors, healthy insights, relevant information, and savings.”

Since its initial pilot last summer, nCountR has rapidly expanded its reach to encompass 168,000 total sites, with a significant presence in grocers and convenience stores. With access to over 9 billion impressions, nCountR sits in an enviable position in the retail landscape, and has the opportunity to drive measurable results for brands and retailers alike.

George Wolf is a senior writer at Street Fight. who has a passion for technology as it relates to local merchants and national brands. He is particularly interested in the constant evolution of the privacy landscape.