City Mattress Rests Easy with Agital Street Fight

City Mattress Rests Easy with Agital

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Just because it’s called City Mattress doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to suburbanites or dwellers of the exurbs. At least that’s if performance-marketing agency Agital has anything to say about it. The agency developed a cross-channel marketing strategy to drive foot traffic to physical stores by using the brand’s existing customer data bases for its 30+ stores in New York and Florida.

The shop implemented an advertising strategy that included zip-code targeting, paid search across Google and YouTube and paid social-media ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Its hyperlocal marketing approach resulted in an 11% increase in all store visits’ return on ad spend (ROAS) in 2023, compared to 2022, and boosted reported revenue 6% with a 10% reduction in ad spend to improve overall ROAS by 15%. Additionally, City Mattress is building off this success with two new stores set to open sometime in the summer.

For City Mattress, Agital’s primary conversion metric was store visits via Google Ads with assigned values based on the campaign product focus (premium vs non-premium products). Working with the performance-marketing agency has reduced the CPCs within City Mattress’s account by nearly 40% without any loss of traffic.

To achieve this, the agency identified areas of overinflated CPCs and optimized their campaigns, reducing bids back to the proper level before leaning heavily into automated bidding models.

Agital itself has grown in the first half of the year, having made seven acquisitions within a year’s time.

“Each acquisition has aimed to enhance Agital’s service diversity, technological capabilities, and market reach, ensuring it remains a formidable competitor in the dynamic digital marketing landscape,” said CEO Jeff Reynolds. “Building on our continued growth, our priorities include acquiring businesses in the ecommerce web development space, paid and organic social media, emerging AI technologies, overall marketing strategy, and CRM capabilities that will bolster our ability to innovate and adapt to provide additional value to our clients.”

In January, Agital acquired WDG (Web Development Group), a web development and digital experience company based in Washington D.C.  In February, it acquired travel and tourism shop Digital Edge; and Go Fish Digital, a digital-marketing shop with a specialty in SEO.

Other acquisitions over the past year were as follows:

  • Exclusive Concepts: Specializes in ecommerce and was integrated for its robust digital marketing capabilities, including SEO, PPC, and email marketing. The acquisition helped Agital to significantly grow its client base and ecommerce expertise, positioning it as a leader in digital commerce solutions​​.
  • Go Fish Digital: This acquisition was key to incorporating cutting-edge AI technology and award-winning SEO expertise into Agital’s portfolio. Go Fish Digital’s pioneering use of AI and large language models in digital marketing strategies provides Agital with advanced tools to enhance client engagements across the entire customer journey​​​​.
  • Highnoon: The integration of Highnoon brought additional marketing and communications expertise and its proprietary analytics platform into Agital. This enhances Agital’s ability to deliver data-driven marketing strategies and broadens its service offerings in lead generation, brand strategy, and customer engagement​​.
  • EK Creative: Known for its pioneering work in social commerce and as an official TikTok partner, EK Creative’s acquisition allowed Agital to tap into the burgeoning area of live-selling and social media marketing. This move strategically positioned Agital at the forefront of innovative marketing channels, leveraging new social commerce features and channels​​.
  • REQ: Bringing in REQ added top-tier PR and content strategy capabilities, enhancing Agital’s ability to offer comprehensive, insights-driven marketing solutions that align with clients’ overarching business objectives​​.

Besides City Mattress, Agital works with clients including 4Imprint; HP; Jelly Belly; Solly Baby; and Sur La Table.

Kathleen Sampey
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