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This Brand Isn’t Snoozing on Earth Day

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Snooze A.M. Eatery is a Colorado-based breakfast brand with 71 locations. Founded in 2006, they have long been committed to sustainable practices and community involvement. This year, they will continue their traditions around Earth Day (April 22nd) but reinforce their belief that every day should be an earth-friendly moment.

Although many brands view sustainability as a way to appear more socially responsible to consumers, jumping on the green bandwagon without really understanding environmental issues can easily be viewed as greenwashing — especially among people who understand the category.

Snooze, on the other hand, has long been committed to products and actions that benefit the neighborhoods they serve.

  • Since 2017, Snooze has planted a tree on Earth Day for every employee. They will reach 20K trees this year.
  • All employees must participate in a training program called Sustainability and Community 101.
  • The company carefully tracks its waste management programs. Having diverted more than 70 percent of its waste, Snooze aspires to become a zero-waste business. A whopping 98 percent of its locations compost.
  • Products on the menu are selected based on their adherence to various standards, including animal welfare and social responsibility. They serve cage-free eggs, B-Corp-certified King Arthur Company flour, Rainforest Alliance-certified La Bolsa Guatemalan Coffee, and 100% real Vermont maple syrup.
  • About 150 Snoozers (Snooze team members) will volunteer in community gardens this year, and Snooze has built alliances with other locally based environmental groups in the markets it serves.

Other MULO (multi-location) brands that have committed to more sustainable practices is Next Level Burger and Veggie Grill by Next Level. They have conserved over 2.1 billion gallons of fresh water and prevented 64 million pounds of carbon emissions. This year, they are donating to Pollinator Partnership. They will donate 5 percent of their Earth Day sales to select nonprofits.

As today’s consumers become better educated about sustainability, they are more aware of the brands that truly believe in the mission and are quicker to dismiss the “faux green” offenders. Consumers are willing to pay 12 percent more for truly sustainable products.

Says Matt de Gruyter, CEO and co-founder of Next Level Burger:

“For us at Next Level Burger and Veggie Grill by Next Level, we view sustainability as the true ‘why’ behind our business. We built our entire business model around taking action to fight climate change, and that mission of environmental sustainability remains at the forefront of everything we do. We know that when diners opt for plant-based meals, they reduce the carbon emissions associated with that meal by around half, and as the largest wholly owned 100% plant-based restaurant group in the world, we are able to make a tremendous impact through our menu year round. Empowering our teams to embody our values and take real action through non-profit givebacks is a next-level way to celebrate Earth Day.”

Although Earth Day is a great jumping-off point for some brands to consider their sustainability initiatives, MULO restaurants like those referenced above “walk the talk” the other 364 days, tracking their progress and educating their consumers on their efforts.

If you’re going green, ensure it’s pure green and not faux green!


Nancy A Shenker, senior editor with Street Fight, is a former big brand (Citibank, Mastercard, Reed Exhibitions) marketing strategist and leader. She has been featured in, the New York Times and Forbes.
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