Street Fight Summit West 2013 - June 4, 2013 - San Francisco - Agenda | Street Fight



8:00-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks
* Laura Rich, CEO, Street Fight

9:10-9:40 Morning Keynote: The Local Coefficient — How the Web and Mobile Apps are Driving $1 Trillion in Local Commerce
* Mike Ghaffary, VP Business Development, Yelp

9:40-10:20 Panel: Local News as a Loss Leader?
* Panel Introduction: Tim Judd, CEO, eLocal Listing
With newspaper dollars shrinking at a rate about seven times faster than digital ad revenues are rising, publishers are actively on the hunt for business models that will sustain their high-overhead content operations. One answer: Stop focusing so much on selling ads, and start selling creative services and media buying. In other words, become your clients’ ad agency. In the long view, will it solve the revenue problem?
* Matt Sokoloff, columnist Street Fight — Moderator
* Eric Bright, VP Ecommerce, Deseret Digital Media
* Mike Orren, President, Speakeasy
* Sean McDonnell, SVP Sales, Propel Marketing

10:20-10:40 Street Fight: Directories and Local Search
A high-level discussion about how business listings and local search are evolving, and how companies that work with SMBs need to respond.
* Wiley Cerilli, CEO, SinglePlatform
* Will Scott, CEO, Search Influence

10:40-11:00 Mid-Morning Break

11:00-11:40 How Mobile Analytics and Mapping Are Transforming Local
* Panel Introduction: Brian Coryat, CEO, Local Market Launch
The check-in era has given way to a period in which contextual services — products built on top of a passive stream of location data rather than the occasional ping to a GPS — dominate. The data isn’t big, it’s massive. And the opportunities for developers and marketers are equally immense in risk and reward.
* Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor, Street Fight — moderator
* Bronwyn Agrios, Business Development & Strategy, Esri
* David Shim, CEO, Placed
* Andy Ellwood, Sr. Director of Business Development, Waze

11:40-12:00 Ideas and Insights from #SFSW13 Sponsors
* Mark Ugar, VP Business Development, YP: “Leveraging Directional Media to Fuel Local Commerce”
* Kreg Peeler, CEO, SpinGo: “The When of Local”

12:00-12:35 The Impact of Mobile Retail Devices on Local Commerce
The new stealth way in to SMB marketing dollars is through the disruption of another antiquated local commerce channel: the cash register. Mobile payment services and POS devices are radically transforming local retail, eroding the power of proprietary payment systems and opening up previously closed hardware architectures with sometimes surprising results.
* Mark Canon, Principal, IBID Strategic Consulting – moderator
* Patrick Gauthier, Head of Product Strategy, Retail Services, PayPal
* Chuck Kimble, Strategic Partnerships, Square
* Leonard Speiser, Co-founder, Clover

12:35-12:55 Street Fight: Content Economics
A high-level discussion about hyperlocal content plays, and the ongoing viability of local news and information as a draw for online advertising.
Chris Tolles, CEO, Topix
* Ben Ilfeld, CEO, AdGlue

12:55-1:40 Lunch

1:15 Local SEO Workshop
A conversation about local search with Moz‘s David Mihm and LocalSEOGuide‘s Andrew Shotland.

1:40-1:50 Hyperlocal Targeting on the Mobile Platform
Results from a new white paper from Street Fight Insights, sponsored by Moasis Global, that analyzes the effectiveness of new and old ways of targeting consumers through their mobile devices.
* Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor, Street Fight

1:50-2:25 The Hyperlocal Investors’ View
There are clearly big opportunities for startups and investors alike in hyperlocal. But in any expanding new sector, a significant number of new players are on the hunt for investment. How are investors looking at this space and what qualities do they factor into their decisions on where to place their bets? This panel explores the opportunity in this space for both sides of the table.
* Lem Lloyd, CRO, FixYa — moderator
* Alex Ferrara, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
* Sharon Wienbar, Partner, Scale Venture Partners

2:25-2:45 Ideas and Insights from #SFSW13 Sponsors
* Christian Ward, EVP Partnerships, Yext: “The Future of Local Search”
* Jim Young, Business Development & Platform Strategy, Esri: “Think Outside the Geofence”

2:45-3:25 The Next Generation of Hyperlocal: Presentations from 500 Startups
* Introduction: Christine Tsai, Co-founder, 500 Startups
The Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator will present demos from some of the hottest new hyperlocal companies.
* Steve Espinoza, CEO, Appstack
* Saumil Mehta, CEO, LocBox
* Jeremy Mims, Co-founder, OwnLocal

3:25-3:45 Networking/Cell Phone Break

3:45-4:05 Street Fight: Scheduling Services in the Hyperlocal Ecosystem A high-level discussion about how appointment-making services for SMBs are increasingly becoming an important element in the marketing landscape, and how these services might ultimately take on other elements of merchants’ marketing.
* Josh McCarter, CEO, Booker
* Ethan Anderson, CEO, MyTime

4:05-4:25 Two Presentations – Hyperlocal Models in Focus
* Florent Peyre
, COO, Placemeter: “Smart Cities and the Future of Local Search”
* Damien Patton
,  CEO, Banjo: “Location, The Holy Grail of Mobile Advertising”

4:25-5:00 Big Brands: The Hyperlocal Buy-Sell Dynamic
The ability to target customers on the go is a huge opportunity mobile devices bring to digital advertising. Learn from experts who have run successful mobile local campaigns on what worked, what didn’t and what opportunities the future and new technologies brings. Key topics to be discussed: the balance between hyperlocal and scale; tracking the offline conversion; and tricks to creating engaging local mobile ads.
* Sabrina Alimi, Senior Mobile Manager, IAB — moderator
* Brent Hall
, Group Media Director, AKQA
* Rob Reed
, CEO, Momentfeed
* Matthew Shevach, SVP, Ad Solutions, Retailigence

5:00-5:30 Fireside Chat
* Gil Elbaz, CEO, Factual
in conversation with…
* Rex Briggs, CEO, Marketing Evolution

5:30-7:30 Cocktail Reception at The Bently Reserve