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It’s a $43 billion question: What do local merchants want?

We spoke in-depth with 50 of them over several months to find out about their business needs, their marketing viewpoints, and what drives them to choose hyperlocal content, commerce and technology options. We analyzed other published data and information as well and combined it all into: “The Local Merchant: Inside the Minds and Motivations of the Business Owners Driving a $43 Billion Advertising Market,” a 49-page guidebook for understanding this market and winning their business.

Some things we learned:

1. Local merchants want new customers. This is a chief concern even over direct ROI in a campaign.
2. However, they do like the transparency that digital options offer versus the print platforms that previously were their primary options.
3. Some local merchants are already spending 100% of their budgets on hyperlocal — with the intent to continue this focus.
4. Yet, “free” and “no upfront costs” are, not surprisingly, very big draws for local merchants, which is why they continue to try daily deals services even as they experience inconsistent results.
5. And that hyperlocal sites are perceived as a natural evolution of their print marketing budgets.

Local merchants are growing savvier by the year; about 70% of all SMBs leverage social networks for marketing and 32% have tried check-in services. And with 46% of those surveyed spending 10% or less on hyperlocal channels, there are still many more dollars to be captured — as long as local merchants are better understood.

In this report, find:

* Testimonials and feedback from local merchants
* Case studies on hyperlocal campaigns
* Best practices on pitching to local merchants
* Comparisons of sales pitches
* Data from hyperlocal merchants and other sources

Who should read “The Local Merchant”?

Media and technology companies who have local as a focus. Advertisers of all sizes (including local merchants) who want to know how their peers have navigated hyperlocal. Investors who want to better understand the customers of the hyperlocal companies they invest in. And, specifically, the hyperlocal services and platforms who are pounding the street every day for this business.

“The Local Merchant: Inside the Minds and Motivations of the Business Owners Driving a $43 Billion Advertising Market” is available for $349. Please click the button below to get started.



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