Hyperlocal News App Blockfeed Takes Another Stab at Geo-Aggregation


Hyperlocal news organizations can be necessarily limited by their neighborhood focus, but Blockfeed thinks local news has the potential to be far more viable, because the essential components — content, an audience, and advertisers — have already been brought together by geography.

Charlotte Agenda Carves Out Role as Brand Builder, Market Developer


In April, online city guide Charlotte Agenda arrived onto a shifting Charlotte, N.C. digital scene. The site’s eclectic mix of five-to-ten quick-read, mobile-friendly stories and a distinctive conversational style of commentary is standing out among local media players eager to reach a young audience, but will it prove sustainable?

ShopKeep Working to Reduce SMBs’ Vulnerability to Credit Card Hacks


What can be done to protect both small businesses and their customers’ credit card information from hackers? We caught up with Norm Merritt, president and CEO of ShopKeep to talk about how software and cloud-based solutions protect local businesses.

Why Cross-Device Matching Will Transform the Mobile Advertising Industry

Cuddling with multiple devices

Soon, the mobile ad industry will face one of the realities of maturity: integrating with the rest of the digital advertising world. One of the drivers leading that convergence is cross-device matching where a company can identify multiple devices own by a single person.

Delivery.com CEO: Google’s Entry Into Food Ordering Was a Matter of When — Not If

Online Food Ordering

Street Fight recently caught up with Jed Kleckner, chief executive at Delivery.com, to talk about Google’s recent moves and handicap which of the other big tech companies may be interested in food delivery (hint: Amazon.)

Local Corp CEO: More and More of What Local Directories Do Will Be Absorbed Into Apps


Last week, the fifteen year-old directory site announced that it was hiring a firm to pursue ‘strategic alternatives. Fred Thiel, the relatively new chief executive at Local Corporation, says the company would make an attractive take-over target.