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With Acquisitions, Brooklyn’s Corner Media Grows Into a Regional Cluster

No Comments 10 July 2014 by

Publisher Liena Zagare's independent Corner Media network in Brooklyn has added three established community news sites in the borough to grow into a cluster of seven sites in a market of 1 million people. Street Fight recently caught up with Zagare to learn more about what her two acquisitions will mean for their neighborhoods and her company...

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An Ex-Patcher Competes in Tim Armstrong’s Town

6 Comments 03 July 2014 by

Leslie Yager, who in three years rose from freelance writer for Aol’s Patch to the local editor of the network’s Norwalk and Wilton sites, was terminated in January as part of the company's sale to Hale Global. She turned around and, days later, launched her own news site which is already a strong competitor in her former boss's town...

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Despite Many New Local News Sites, ‘Media Deserts’ Are a Stubborn Reality

No Comments 26 June 2014 by

More than 120 newspapers have shut down in the U.S. since 2008. Surviving papers have been forced to cut their local news budgets in the implosion of old media ad revenue. Hundreds of digital community news sites have been launched in the meantime, but journalist and educator Dr. Michelle Ferrier from the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University says that millions of Americans have ended up in a “media desert.”

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LION-Borrell Revenue Survey Unravels

9 Comments 23 June 2014 by

A revenue benchmarking partnership between the Local Independent Online News publishers association and Borrell Associates is coming apart because too few of LION's publishers want to share their information with the the local media research company...

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Attention and Timing Are the New ‘Clicks,’ Chartbeat Says

No Comments 12 June 2014 by

The analytics firm digs deep into how users behave at their computer, smartphone, and tablet. Then it flows the data points (including visitor frequency, top pages, referrers, and traffic sources) to the client's dashboard, where editors, in real time, can see how their users are behaving and take steps to increase traffic and engagement...

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Up Close and Personal: Ex-Patcher Tells How He Went Independent

3 Comments 06 June 2014 by

Michael Dinan was senior regional editor for Patch in suburban Connecticut when he — along with hundreds of other editorial staffers — was terminated in January as part of Aol's deal to sell most of the community news network to Hale Global. After the blow fell, he turned around and set up the independent site New Canaanite within days — and expanded it to a collaborative network in suburban Connecticut shortly thereafter...

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Native Ad Revenue May Be One Click Away With ‘Selfies’

1 Comment 29 May 2014 by

Community news publishers everywhere are searching hard for new revenue. But who knew that dollars might be staring them virtually in the face? Broadstreet, which provides ad services to news publishers, is offering a new ad unit called the "Selfie" — short, self-generated messages that businesses and anybody else can place in the middle of an article to catch the eye of searching users. Broadstreet co-founder Kenny Katzgrau says the Selfie aims to lure businesses that want to get their message out, but are resistant to buying more expensive display ads...

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Texas ‘Indie’ Pure Play Is Hog-Tying ‘Legacy’ Competitor

No Comments 22 May 2014 by

Tired of his four-hour commute between Dallas and San Angelo, Dallas Morning News ad salesman Joe Hyde applied to the San Angelo Standard-Times in 2009. He never heard back. Today, Hyde is the founder-publisher of San Angelo Live, an independent “pure play” that — in its eight months of existence — is already surpassing his Scripps competitor in key traffic metrics, and, since last month, operating in the black...

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How Training Has Helped Some Community Publishers Thrive

No Comments 15 May 2014 by

"Getting money from local businesses is a street fight," says Rusty Coats. "The options and alternatives seem to grow exponentially every day, and many businesses live in a fog of not knowing what to do. ... That’s why I applaud these community news entrepreneurs and what they’re trying to accomplish. They are mission-driven and determined to build sustainable businesses by serving their communities."

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‘Baltimore Fishbowl': One Story Behind ‘Optimistic’ New Revenue Numbers

No Comments 01 May 2014 by

A majority of independent community news sites are doing fine building revenue, according to Michele McLellan, author of Michele’s List, which tracks about 200 entrepreneurial community news sites around the country. To get at the “why” behind the numbers, I went to the founder of one of the best performing sites in the survey, three-year-old Baltimore Fishbowl...

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