Why Two Competing News ‘Indies’ in Suburban Charlotte Are Teaming Up

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The independent digital community news site Davidson News and sister site Cornelius News are teaming up with six-year-old print-based Citizen Media Group in Charlotte. To see why these competing “indies” decided to partner, and what they hope to achieve, we spoke recently with their founders…

Will 2015 Be Breakthrough Year for Community News?


We saw some promising signs of local news sites getting their mojo in 2014. But is it a lasting, growing trend? To get a peek over the horizon, we went to top experts in community news — publishers, editors and others who are involved in producing, analyzing and critiquing it…

From Print to Patch to His Own ‘Indie’ Site — A 25-Year Saga


Steven Jack, who was regional editor for eight Patch sites before leaving in the first round of layoffs, did what many of his terminated colleagues did — he started his own independent site. In less than a year, he has captured 31,000 unique visitors for his Only Oswego, which more than equals the town’s population…

Locable Founder: Community Sites Need More Than News to Thrive

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Not every community news site wants to become a network. But that doesn’t mean “one-off’s” can’t benefit from some of the advantages of scale. Locable founder Brian Ostrovsky spoke with Street Fight recently how single publishers can do quite well even in markets where they’re facing competitors who have chosen to go bigger…

Are Community News Sites and Investors Ready for Each Other?


Venture-capital and angel investors have been avoiding digital community news — but there’s no mystery about why. There are some profitable one-offs, but most investors aren’t interested in one-offs. They want to put their money in the possibility of a good-sized payoff. That will only come with community news that is part of a network…

How Jim Brady’s Billy Penn Tailors News to Philly’s Millennials


BillyPennDigital local news pioneer Jim Brady launched mobile-focused Billy Penn in Philadelphia a month ago. Brady, joined by other Billy Penn staffers, talked with Street Fight recently about what the site is doing to stand out in a major metro market that has more than 70 websites covering local news…

Brooklyn Site’s Loyalty Pitch Tries to Answer: ‘How Many Customers Did You Bring Me?’


A soon-to-be launched section in Bushwick Daily — called Village — will seek to build more and deeper connections between residents and merchants of Bushwick. The centerpiece of Village is an in-house loyalty program where users will get a bonus when they make their first purchase. If they become a frequent customer, they get another bonus and a Foursquare-type badge…

‘Legacy’ Publishers Make Big Move Into Content Marketing


Local newspapers and TV broadcasters are making a major innovative leap into the digital space that they hope will bring them big bucks from sponsor-funded content. LMC Executive Director Rusty Coats said member companies are confident that the funded content will become “a major source of [their] digital revenue.”