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How Training Has Helped Some Community Publishers Thrive

No Comments 15 May 2014 by

"Getting money from local businesses is a street fight," says Rusty Coats. "The options and alternatives seem to grow exponentially every day, and many businesses live in a fog of not knowing what to do. ... That’s why I applaud these community news entrepreneurs and what they’re trying to accomplish. They are mission-driven and determined to build sustainable businesses by serving their communities."

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‘Baltimore Fishbowl’: One Story Behind ‘Optimistic’ New Revenue Numbers

No Comments 01 May 2014 by

A majority of independent community news sites are doing fine building revenue, according to Michele McLellan, author of Michele’s List, which tracks about 200 entrepreneurial community news sites around the country. To get at the “why” behind the numbers, I went to the founder of one of the best performing sites in the survey, three-year-old Baltimore Fishbowl...

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Brady on Thunderdome: The Glue at the Core Was Never Able to Dry

2 Comments 24 April 2014 by

"The local digital news solution is probably going to come from new players rather than legacy ones," says outgoing Digital First Media editor-in-chief Jim Brady. "It's extremely hard to try and create that next-generation local news product while you're dealing with the rapid decline of your core business. ... Somewhere in that broad swath of experimentation are all the pieces for a successful model. It's just a matter of time until someone finds the right mix."

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Locable’s Aim: To Help Sites Build Community as a Brand

No Comments 22 April 2014 by

Locable is a network of 50 local and hyperlocal websites that shows its "partners" how to build community around their brand. It does this through an approach it calls “Main Street for the 21st Century.” In this recent Q & A with Street Fight, the company's co-founder and CEO Brian Ostrovsky talks about what this approach means, and how community sites can position themselves for success...

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Niche Site CHARLIE Goes Big With Underwriter Le Creuset

No Comments 18 April 2014 by

After an initial stint doing publicity in the movie industry in Los Angeles, Caroline Nuttall migrated to Charleston, S.C., and fell "head over heels" for its "beauty and progressive culture." She expressed her passion for the city by creating the local digital magazine CHARLIE, whose words, images and design capture the many faceted, old-new richness of her publication's namesake. Here Nuttall tells Street Fight how she navigated CHARLIE to new revenue streams, including an underwriting partnership with national cookware maker Le Creuset.

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The New Patch: One Site’s ‘Entrepreneurial’ Editor on the First 60 Days

4 Comments 14 April 2014 by

Patch, under its new owner Hale Global, is experimenting with new approaches for structuring and operating hyperlocal news sites, which, in general, have a reputation for losing money. One experiment is creating entrepreneurial editor-publishers for sites in the strongest markets. Sixty days into the experiment, longtime reporter Susan Petroni, explains her new dual role at the Framingham, Mass., Patch...

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Alternative Press Expands Hyperlocal Network Into Suburban Philly

No Comments 03 April 2014 by

Mike Shapiro began his hyperlocal news network The Alternative Press in three suburban New Jersey communities — including his hometown of New Providence — in 2008. TAP has now expanded to 30 communities in the state and Shapiro has decided to cross over into Pennsylvania with a site in Lower Providence, in suburban Philadelphia's Montgomery County....

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How a Connecticut Network Helps ‘Indie’ News Sites Bridge Revenue Gap

No Comments 28 March 2014 by

Networks of independent community news sites are growing up and expanding out, and one of the biggest is the three-year-old Independent Media Network, which provides multiple layers of services — in advertising, editorial, business and tech — to more than a hundred community and other news operations in Connecticut...

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Handshake Black White Woodcut Circle

Discovering Common Ground Among ‘Indie’ and Corporate Hyperlocal Sites

5 Comments 21 March 2014 by

The digital Grand Canyon that has divided independent and corporate hyperlocal news sites is not looking so immense lately. The “indies” and the corporates are still kicking up a lot of dust in their community-by-community competition. But these rivals are changing their operations and strategies in ways that make them look more alike than different...

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Can New Local Media Consortium Succeed Where Others Have Not?

No Comments 13 March 2014 by

For two decades, legacy media have tried to pool their threatened resources and capture digital ad revenue to replace the billions of dollars that stopped flowing to their newspapers and TV stations. They have had some successes, but their more ambitious digital partnerships haven’t fared well. Now, a new group of old-media companies have banded together to form the Local Media Consortium in the hopes that it will it be able to succeed where other tie-ups have not...

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