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The Future of Local Tech: Speakers
June 3, 2014

[column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Ted Zagat
Ted Zagat
Facebook[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Caterina Fake
Caterina Fake
CEO, Findery[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jon Sofield
Jon Sofield
Biz Dev, Google[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Sarah Leary
Sarah Leary
Co-founder, NextDoor[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]David Payne
David Payne
CDO, Gannett[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jonathan Badeen
Jonathan Badeen
Co-founder, Tinder[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Patrick Gauthier
Patrick Gauthier
GM, Emerging Retail
PayPal[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Mike Church
Mike Church
VP Interactive Ecosystem
Darden Restaurants[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Steve Levin
Steve Levin
Head of Global Sales
Grindr[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Margot Langsdorf
Margot Langsdorf
VP Client Services
Shopkick[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jared Fliesler
Jared Fliesler
General Partner
Matrix Partners[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jim Scheinman
Jim Scheinman
Maven Ventures[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Lem Lloyd
Lem Lloyd
VP Sales, Angie’s List[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Maxim Charkov
Maxim Charkov
Engineering Manager, Airbnb[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Allison Checchi
Allison Checchi
CMO, YP[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Nicholas Cabrera
Nicholas Cabrera
SVP, Westfield Labs[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor
CEO, Fitmob[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Payam Zamani
Payam Zamani
CEO, Reply![/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Dan Weiner
Dan Weiner
VP Sales, Pandora[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Christian Ward
Christian Ward
EVP Partnerships, Yext[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Asif Khan
Asif Khan
President, The LBMA[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Bill Dinan
Bill Dinan
CEO, Telmetrics[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Steve Schneider
Steve Schneider
President, Gilt City[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Ben Smith
Ben Smith IV
CEO, Wanderful Media[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Mark Glaser
Mark Glaser
Editor, PBS/Mediashift[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Mike Colosimo
Mike Colosimo
CEO, ThrdPlace[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Chris Beck
Chris Beck
Founder, 26 Dot Two[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]andrew shotland
Andrew Shotland
LocalSEOGuide[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Scott Larson
Scott Larson
CEO, Venyoo[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jeff Henckels
Jeff Henckels
Biz Dev, Qualcomm[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jordan Grossman
Jordan Grossman
Director of Sales, Waze[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Jeff Bercovici
Jeff Bercovici
Staff Writer, Forbes[/column][column grid=”3″ span=”1″]Matt MacNaughton
Matt MacNaughton
CEO, PromoJam[/column]