How to Pitch Local Merchant Services


We asked 500+ small businesses to tell us how they want to be pitched local marketing services. We’ve compiled their insights into this easy to digest report complete with tactics for overcoming objections, breaking into the inbox, and the most effective pitches.

Get your copy of this handy report and transform the way you sell to local businesses.




Exclusive Tips For Pitching Smarter

This report offers service providers with a detailed guide to pitching local merchants. Find out what merchants want from vendors, when they want it, and how they want it.

What you’ll get: 

  • Understand what motivates merchant spend
  • Help merchants see more clear value from digital campaigns
  • Pitch to effectively address key concerns and overcome objections
  • Get the inside edge on what merchants want next



Looking for fresh stats for your next presentation?


The Local Merchant Report Presentation Deck includes 38+ charts and graphs from the full-length 2015 Local Merchant Report formatted to make your next deck look as stunning as it is informative.

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