Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories From the First Half of 2015


In the local space, the first six months of 2015 brought a deeper emphasis on local commerce and the connected local economy, new partnerships, and consolidation and restructuring at legacy players. Here’s a look back at the top Street Fight stories (at least in terms of traffic) so far this year.

6 Tools for Linking Digital Marketing Efforts to Offline Sales

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Only 18% of marketers currently say they feel “very confident” in their ability to measure mobile ad ROI. In order for that number to increase, marketers will need to partner with hyperlocal vendors that provide online-to-offline ad attribution. Here are six examples of vendors that they could work with…

5 Cloud POS Alternatives to Windows XP for SMBs

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Cloud-based POS systems are growing in popularity among all businesses, and particularly those in the SMB category. We’ve put together a list of five cloud POS solutions for SMBs that can no longer rely on Windows XP, complete with information about what makes each option unique…

7 Ways Local News Sites Can Grow Their Digital Audiences

“Creating a ‘sticky’ hyperlocal news site is certainly something that publishers need to work toward,” says Bryan Marovich, publisher of the Newport Dispatch. Here are seven strategies that hyperlocal publications are using to make their websites sticker, in the hopes of attracting and retaining a larger base of readers…