Three Trends from the Future Stores State of Brick and Mortar Report

benchmark thumbnailThis past March, the team at Future Stores surveyed a national audience of retail professionals. The survey was designed to reveal current trends in store technology, in-store experience, strategy and reporting. Throughout the ten questions asked, one overarching trend emerged: the majority of brick and mortar leaders are aware of the changing retail landscape and are positioning their organizations accordingly. 

Below are three ways brick and mortar leaders are preparing for the store of the future.

Retailers Are Embracing Showrooming

Showrooming, where consumers evaluate products in a store and then buy them online, has been an increasing challenge for brick and mortar retailers. In the Future Stores report, a whopping 87% of retailers have decided to embrace showrooming while only 13% say they are actively trying to combat it. 

The battle for retail sales is being fought not just on the sales floor but also on customers’ mobile devices. Using techniques like geofencing, retailers are preparing for the battle.

Omnichannel Is More than Just This Year’s Buzzword

In 2014, the term omnichannel seems to be all the rage. Organizations understand that their customers are interacting across a variety of channels and are taking the shifting landscape seriously. 

A full 57% of the retailers surveyed said they have started providing customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. 58% of respondents stated they have an individual responsible for omnichannel initiatives. Retailers realize that organizations that do not embrace omnichannel strategies will soon be at a competitive disadvantage.

The Store of the Future Is Being Built Now

Technology is shaping the customer of the future and, as a result, the store of the future. 61% of the retailers surveyed said that they are already experimenting with alternative store formats. Retail organizations are adapting their stores to the new ways consumers shop. 

As the above findings indicate, the store of the future is closer than we think. For more informative research on the store of the future, make sure to download the Future Stores 2014 State of Brick & Mortar Report here.

Adam Toporek is a Customer Experience Strategist, franchise developer, and small business owner who runs the popular blog Customers That Stick. His consultancy, CTS Service Solutions, offers customer experience and customer service workshops. Adam is a customer experience speaker, member of the Global CX Panel, and the author of a forthcoming book on frontline customer service (AMACOM, 2015). You can find Adam on Google+ or Twitter.

  • andrew boon

    Interesting thought on retail trends. Retailers should adopt new technology and integrate mobile into their marketing efforts this will help retailers connect with customers and omnichannel strategies allow retailers to engage fully with a consumer through all channels thus enhancing the consumer experience while creating brand awareness and improving consumer loyalty. I work for McGladrey and thought this conversation aligns well with a white paper that was created on this subject, if your readers are interested in it. hat-we-do/industries/consumer-products/the-one- constant-in-retail-is-change.html