Street Fight Daily: Facebook Removes Over 5,000 Ad Targeting Options, Sprinklr Partners with Nextdoor

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Facebook to Cut Over 5,000 Ad Targeting Options, But Buyers Envision Workarounds (Digiday)
While the move limits potentially discriminatory targeting options on the platform, ad buyers say they’re not concerned because they could use similar terms to exclude people of a certain race or ethnicity from seeing their ads.

Sprinklr Partners with Nextdoor to Power Hyperlocal Social Campaigns (Street Fight)
Touted as the first deal of its kind, the partnership opens up for brands a social platform that provides the unparalleled opportunity to target users with verified addresses who are guaranteed to inhabit the same geographical spaces and jabber about the same local brick-and-mortar businesses.

How Brands Can Use AI to Boost Their Email Marketing Strategies (AdWeek)
Average open rates for email hover around 21% and click-through rates are a respectable 2.6%. What’s most encouraging about those figures is they describe an industry that is just at the dawn of an artificial intelligence-based revolution.

Home Services Company Porch Acquires Rival Serviz (Street Fight)
Seattle-based home services platform Porch has struck a deal to buy rival on-demand home services platform Serviz, growing the former’s network of home professionals to new markets, the company announced on Wednesday morning.

Heard on the Street, Episode 10: Apple, Amazon, and Localized Brand Marketing (Street Fight)
How are multi-location businesses shifting their local ad spend? What do Apple’s latest mapping moves mean for local search? And what’s Amazon’s master plan for advertising and commerce? These are a few of the topics we bat around in an analyst roundtable for the latest episode of the Heard on the Street podcast. 

Mobile Apps Are Stalling on the Way to GDPR Compliance (AdExchanger)
Although mobile apps aren’t necessarily more at risk of GDPR violations, they do have specific and nuanced tasks they must complete in order to comply, and many are noticeably behind.


Amazon’s Ripple Effect on Grocery Industry: Rivals Stock Up on Startups (NYT)
Grocery companies “are realizing that with Walmart and Amazon moving at their pace, you need to pick yours up, too,” said Greg Spragg, a former chief merchant at Sam’s Club, the wholesale retailer owned by Walmart, who now consults at GrowthWise Group. “I wouldn’t call it fear. I would call it a wake-up call.”


Google Created a Fake Pizza Brand to Test Out Creative Strategies for YouTube Ads (TechCrunch)
Google’s Unskippable Labs team has been testing ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand called Doctor Fork, used stock footage to create 33 ads and then served them up on YouTube and reached 20 million impressions.


Uber Has Finally Hired a CFO, Who Has His Work Cut Out for Him (Recode)
When Uber CFO Brent Callinicos left the company in 2015, he created a vacancy that has cast a shadow over the company for the past three years.

Airbnb Wants to Find a Home in China (Wired)
All of the troubled history between U.S. tech companies and China hasn’t stopped Airbnb from doubling down on its own strategy to broaden its stake in the travel industry in the world’s most populous country.

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