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How are multi-location businesses shifting their local ad spend? What do Apple’s latest mapping moves mean for local search? And what’s Amazon’s master plan for advertising and commerce? These are a few of the topics we bat around in an analyst roundtable for the latest episode of the Heard on the Street podcast.

Mixing up the format from our regular interviews with advertising and commerce leaders, we decided to turn the microphones around on ourselves. The idea is to get a rare glimpse of what we’re doing and seeing in the Street Fight analyst and newsroom ranks. We hear from Street Fight research director David Card, managing editor Joe Zappa, and Brandify product lead Damian Rollison.

Check out the full episode above to hear us bat around these key topics, and stay tuned for more episodes like this, which we’ll phase into the podcast’s editorial calendar. This episode is also sponsored by Brandify Summit. Contact us if you’d like to sponsor an episode, find out more about Heard on the Street here, and look out for episodes every two weeks.

Mike Boland is Street Fight’s lead analyst, author of the Road Map column, and producer of the Heard on the Street podcast. He covers AR & VR as chief analyst of ARtillry Intelligence and SF President of the VR/AR Association. He has been an analyst in the local space since 2005, covering mobile, social, and emerging tech.

Mike Boland has been a tech & media analyst for the past two decades, specifically covering mobile, local, and emerging technologies. He has written for Street Fight since 2011. More can be seen at