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Offline Partnerships Drive Mobile App Success for Brands

Offline partnerships and ecosystem integrations are helping savvy brand marketers position their mobile apps in front of audiences at opportune moments.

3 Ways for Mobile App Marketers to Earn Positive Reviews

User feedback is a puzzle, and one piece that always seems to be missing from the brand side is engagement. User reviews and consistent customer experiences are the keys to a loyal user base. What’s more, reviews left without replies can be more devastating than no review at all or a negative one.

Mobile Apps Show Strong User and Engagement Growth

Privacy headwinds as well as the advent of the metaverse and a new wave of hardware have led many to question the future of mobile’s place at the center of digital marketing. But according to a new report by mobile marketing measurement company Adjust, mobile is experiencing significant growth despite headwinds.

The Growth of App Store Optimization and How Tracking Changed After ATT

We know tracking got harder after Apple implemented its AppTrackingTransparency policy, which forced users to opt into cross-app tracking on iOS. But how exactly? For which verticals? When will Google make a similar move? And how has mobile marketing changed as a result?

iOS Marketing and Attribution One Year After Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency

Now that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of ATT and the deprecation of the IDFA, it’s time to look back at what we’ve learned, what’s changed, and what the best practices are when building a successful, scalable user acquisition strategy for iOS 14.5+.

The Post-App Era: Optimizing Customer Interactions with Personalization

Now is the time to pivot. Shifting the focus to mobile and social messaging channels might seem like a tall order, but optimizing customer interactions through these channels can be easily accomplished if brands increase their social touch points with consumers. After all, a customer journey is only successful if you understand the customer’s needs upfront.

The Next Frontier of the Mobile App Ecosystem

Here are the five mobile marketing-related developments I see happening in 2022, no matter what is going on with the economy, politics, or any of the other highly fluctuating variables we’ve all gotten used to.

Where Mobile Advertising is Heading in 2022

Where is mobile advertising heading? Here are a few predictions, including a blend of performance and brand marketing, added audio inventory, and an embrace of AR and VR.

The 4 Ad Tech Trends Mobile Marketers Need to Understand In 2022

2022 will be a year for the mobile advertising industry to find its footing again — and an opportunity for fast-moving players to stake new claims. The momentum these trends — contextual advertising, machine learning, consolidation, and bidding in lieu of the waterfall — have accrued over the past few months suggests there are ways to prepare yourself for what’s coming, whatever that may be.

Catch-(20)22: Where Do Mobile Apps Go from Here?

The privacy solution is sitting right in front of marketers’ faces. Shifting data analysis onto the mobile device of each user is the path out of this impossible situation. Not only does it solve the privacy issue, it also makes it possible to enrich previously available data with much richer datasets, some of which are available immediately upon download.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

Companies had to act quickly to respond to sudden changes within the mobile marketing ecosystem as user activity shifted and time spent online increased. If you are wondering what to expect in the mobile marketing ecosystem for 2022, this guide will help you set expectations and stay ahead of the curve. Here are three mobile marketing trends that must be on your radar in 2022.

Advertising Costs for Casual Mobile Games Are Down This Holiday Season

While costs will likely continue to fluctuate, the post-IDFA reality is here to stay. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps mobile game marketers can take to better manage their spend and increase down-funnel performance across all categories during the 2021 holiday season and beyond.

Privacy-First Mobile Marketing in 4 Steps

Developing a privacy-first strategy is not only about getting creative in how you message or target; it’s also about being creative in how you find your audience and evaluate your campaigns. Data and audience building is key, and investing in gaining more control of your audience and measurement data will be the best way to succeed.

Holiday Insights: Supply Chain Concerns and Mobile Communications

Each month, Street Fight sources experts insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is the Hybrid Holidays, and our experts share their takes on navigating supply chain concerns, taking advantage of mobile, and building trust with customers.

5 Gen Z and Millennial Social Shopping Trends for the Holidays

Marketers gearing up for the holiday shopping season will no doubt be looking to court Gen Z and millennials, and much of that courting will take place on social apps. To instruct brands on where and how to speak to their fellow kids, here are five Gen Z and millennial preferences captured by a survey of more than 500 consumers by StitcherAds.

App Marketing Guide For Startups And Small Businesses Launching A New App

Marketing your idea for a new app is the key to understanding how it will be welcomed by users. By gathering information, you can further develop your idea so that by the time you launch, you’ll know you’re creating an app more likely to work.

The Business Case for Privacy

The test of a good business case is that it is backed by a lot of good data but can be easily summarized: Privacy creates trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyal customers drive growth.

4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Double Down on Your Mobile App

If the current upheaval in the market signals anything, it is that the relationship you have with your customers must be cherished, cultivated, and mutually beneficial in order to be monetized effectively. As the user acquisition game becomes more challenging, businesses must invest in personalization and engagement in order to improve retention, activation, and conversion metrics. This means doubling down on your mobile app strategy and centering it on transparency, on-device targeting, and trust.

The Privacy Endgame

There is an endgame that can put a stop to drip-drip privacy changes. A reality in which large corporations go back to not knowing the intimate details of their consumers’ lives and are still able to use technology to provide better user experiences through hyper-personalized engagement. A reality in which consumers can enjoy personalized experiences at exactly the right moment without broadcasting their location to anyone. A reality in which it is technology, not fine print, that protects both consumers and corporations.

Clubhouse Has a Major Notifications Problem

Before sitting down to write this piece, I got dozens of Clubhouse notifications in just a few hours. This flood of alerts piqued my curiosity. So, I went to Twitter and searched “Clubhouse notifications,” and a long thread of tweets by annoyed Clubhouse users emerged in my results. No, I was not alone.