5 Cashierless Retail Platforms

In a bid to minimize contact between customers and employees, retailers have started investing more heavily in these cashierless retail platforms.

Street Fight’s February Theme: Disrupting Retail

We’re focusing Street Fight’s February coverage on the tech disrupting retail. Curbside pickup, AR, and more are transforming retail as we head into 2021.

7 Location Analytics Firms for Malls and Shopping Centers

If you want to see what retail innovation looks like first-hand, walk into a shopping mall. Faced with the option to transform or die, shopping mall operators across the country are choosing to fight back against the shifting tides in retail.

Here are seven tech firms that malls, and other retail giants, are relying on to collect and study location data gleaned from shoppers’ mobile devices.

Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

Environment, talent, and process all encourage the growth of innovation, according to IT research firm CEB, which was recently acquired by Gartner. But there’s a balancing act that must take place between structure and exploration — especially for smaller companies on a fast upward growth curve.

Street Culture: How RetailNext’s Growth Is Driven by Diversity

As the company has grown, according to CEO Alexei Agratchev, it has experienced two “productivity peaks,” where fewer people are doing a huge amount of work. Then new hires are brought on, and the productivity stays about the same for a few months as the growth potential is realized. This can be a frustrating cycle to manage.

Street Fight Daily: Majority of Consumers Will Pay for Same-Day Delivery, Google Expands Waze

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Most U.S. Digital Buyers Would Pay for Same-Day Delivery — If They Need It… Google Quietly Expands Ride-Sharing Service… Chute Launches Service for Brands to Find and Manage Influencers…

Street Fight Daily: Uber Racks Up Big Losses, Businesses Coming to WhatsApp

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Uber Loses At Least $1.2 Billion in First Half of 2016… WhatsApp to Let Business Operate on its Platform… Major Quick-Serve Restaurant Deploys Drones for Food Delivery…

6 Smart Ways Retailers Can Use Heat Maps to Drive Conversions

What do customer movements inside stores have to do with conversions? It turns out, quite a lot. Slight changes in routing can increase the traffic around promotional displays and help avoid bottlenecks. Some of the smartest retailers are installing beacons, WiFi, and other hyperlocal technologies as a way to generate heat maps that track customer flows.

LBMA Podcast: Pinterest Adds Location to Every Place Pin, Niantic Labs Raises $20M

On the show: Pinterest Place Pins to add automatic location data; Niantic Labs raises $20 million from Google, Pokémon, and Nintendo; Australia’s Westfield malls and CommBank team up for beacon play; Drinkeasy SMS craft spirits delivery service; Onomichi map provides “cat’s-eye view;” MoveLoot does the heavy lifting; RetailNext acquires Pikato. Plus, news from Shoe Carnival and SIM Partners; Tostitos Canada; and Gimbal and Phigital.

Openings and New Hires at LivingSocial, GrubHub, and RetailNext

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s column, Borrell Associates ups its research director, eBay names a new CMO, and RevMob appoints a co-CEO.

6 Tools to Merchants Can Use to Quantify the Impact of In-Store Events

Being able to attribute offline marketing to in-store sales closes the loop for retail marketers and generates a better understanding of how various factors can impact sales.

#LDS15 VIDEO: The Potential — And Pitfalls — Of Beacon Marketing

It’s not just about the product or service anymore — retailers must support a positive shopper experience across different channels in order to compete. During a panel at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver, experts discussed the need to address a new consumer journey where consumers move fluently between the digital and physical worlds…

LBMA Podcast: Snapchat for Business, Iconeme CEO

On the show: Panasonic reinvents the retail shelf; the Locr platform; Moovit closes $50m to help public transportation; Deehubs makes us all vandals; Softcard deflating?; Uber Cargo launches in Hong Kong; RetailNext and StepsAway; Path Talk pretty; Je Suis Charlie app…

LBMA Podcast: Google’s Chromecast, Ubimo’s Gilad Amitai

Top stories of the week include: Google’s Chromecast gets Ultrasonic; Chicago’s Array of Things makes the city smarter and creepier; ReservationHop takes reservations hostage; Amscreen and Garmin partner at the Tour de France; Muuzii taps SMS for real-time translations; RetailNext and iZettle close financing rounds; Ubisoft shows us the map of the future; TAB unveils spot ratings for billboards thanks to Inrix…

Street Fight Daily: Yodle Files for IPO, RetailNext Raises $30M

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyMarketing Software Company Yodle Files for IPO (Reuters)… RetailNext Raises Another $30 Million To Track In-Store Data (TechCrunch)… Lyft Expands Its Car Hailing Service to New York (New York Times)…

5 Tools to Collect Customer Data Using Checkout Technology

Ecommerce retailers have always had a leg up on brick-and-mortar businesses when it comes to collecting data about their customers’ shopping behaviors and buying habits, but now a group of hyperlocal vendors is providing offline merchants with similar sets of tools. These vendors are using data from a merchant’s POS system to build detailed customer profiles, even in an offline environment…

How the Internet of Things Could Spawn a New Kind of Analytics

A new set of technology companies are working to help transform the way businesses understand consumer behavior in the real world. Powering these new technologies is a burgeoning web of connected devices — from smartphones and thermostats to wireless routers and traffic cameras — that constantly collect a river of information about their surroundings…

#SFSNYC VIDEO: How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Retail

In a panel at Street Fight Summit in New York last month, experts from the retail analytics space explored the ways big data is transforming the retail industry. Wesley Barrow, CRO at Nomi and Alexei Agratchev, CEO at RetailNext talked about how retailers can maximize profit from the moment a shopper walks into their store. Meanwhile, Larry Promisel, SVP Digital Commerce at Camuto Group, offered the retailer’s perspective, saying that while privacy is concerning for retailers, the overall benefit of creating the better experience a customer wants outweighs those concerns…

Why Fixing Local Marketing Means Making Tech Disappear

Today, the local web — the network of technologies that help business and consumer interact locally — is far too opaque. Amid the rush to innovate and revolutionize the way we buy or sell goods locally, the industry has amassed a muddled soup of software that’s marked more by it’s complexity than its capability. If the last decade was about building the technologies that bring our local experiences online, the next ten years will focus on making those technologies go away…

RetailNext CEO: Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Not Under Threat

Online retailers have traditionally had a big advantage in terms of data, but in-store retail analytics company RetailNext has built a model that allows owners of brick-and-mortar stores to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store customer engagement data. The San Jose-based company, which has raised over $24 million, aggregates the data that is collected from customers and makes it actionable for retailers such as American Apparel, Bloomingdales, Verizon Wireless, and Family Dollar…