LBMA Podcast: Snapchat for Business, Iconeme CEO

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Panasonic reinvents the retail shelf; the Locr platform; Moovit closes $50m to help public transportation; Snapchat for business?; Deehubs makes us all vandals; Softcard deflating?; Uber Cargo launches in Hong Kong; RetailNext and StepsAway; Path Talk pretty; Je Suis Charlie app. Our special guest is Jonathan Berlin of Iconeme.

Top stories of the week

1. Panasonic Powershelf 8:00
2. Locr platform (Germany) 13:10
3. Moovit gets $50M 14:45
4. Snapchat for business 18:18
5. Deehubs 21:40
6. Is Softcard shutting down? 24:30
7. Uber Cargo launches in Hong Kong 28:10
8. RetailNext + StepsAway 29:23
9. Path Talk app – communicating with businesses 30:24
10. Je suis Charlie app 34:10

Guest: Jonathan Berlin of Iconeme 37:15

Big themes
1. SO BIZ COM 48:00