Street Culture: AvePoint CMO on Continuous Learning and Making the Sale

AvePoint, a Jersey City-based tech company that helps migrate, manage, and protect Office 365 data, has a classic two-people-in-a-garage backstory. The founders, Tianyi Jiang and Kai Gong, built their first product in a local public library, and the company has now grown to about 1,500 employees.

Street Culture: Vendasta’s Intention Behind Job Perks and Fun at Work

“The way we see it is, you can break your life up into four pieces,” says CEO Brendan King. “Family, sleep, tasks, and work. If I want my employees to focus on work, I don’t want to take away from their time with their families or from their sleep, but I would like to take away some of those tasks.

Street Culture: Qiigo Employees Discover Career Paths They Didn’t See Coming

“It’s all about personal development,” says Qiigo CEO Rick Batchelor of his approach to cultural management. “What works for them, what do they want, where do they see themselves in 12, 24, 36 months, and then help them make a plan to grow toward that.”

Street Culture: Adcellerant Won’t Take Your Coffee Away

Adcellerant has been on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list for the last two years and ranked as the No. 2 best place to work in Colorado for a medium-sized company this year by the Denver Business Journal. The company was founded in 2013 and currently employs about 40 people.

Street Culture: Synup Culture in the Chaos of Super-Fast Scale

Kevin Clark is pulled in a lot of different directions these days: having joined digital knowledge SaaS company Synup less than a year ago, he’s trying to hire lots of new employees, he’s in charge of business logistics on which he’s not necessarily an expert, and his boss might call him at any moment.

Street Culture: SproutLoud’s Reinvention Requires Collaboration

Channel marketing automation company SproutLoud had a circular problem: the turnover was bad, which was bad for employee morale, which was causing more turnover. The company’s internal culture was deteriorating—a point at which many startups have struggled to reset their environments, and a point at which SproutLoud’s leadership team took responsibility.

Street Culture: Three Years Later, What’s Changed and What’s Stayed the Same at MomentFeed

CEO Robert Blatt says the company culture is changing, focusing more on what it means for MomentFeed to be the best place for employees to work. Anticipating change in culture is essential, he says, because what your company is doing well in one period of evolution can prevent it from doing well in the next.

Street Culture: Ibotta’s Growth Teaches CEO to Make Cultural Expectations Explicit

“Younger employees are increasingly looking for mission-driven approaches in their work,” says Bryan Leach, founder and CEO of Ibotta. “They want to go someplace where they will get better and have someone to help them become the best version of themselves.”

Report: Paid Search Offers Results, Especially on Mobile, at Time of Ad Saturation

A new report from ad firm Adthena, based on data from January 2017 to May 2018, shows evidence that paid search is a valuable beacon of light in the darkness that is consumer “banner blindness, ad fatigue, and near saturation of consumers’ digital ad experiences.”

Street Culture: Pointy’s Collaborative Culture Grows Without Written Values

In one year, digital search company Pointy has grown from 13 to about 30 employees, moved into a new office, and seen significant growth in its product, which allows retailers to publishes their inventories online, attracting potential customers nearby. What hasn’t changed much is the company’s culture, says co-founder Mark Cummins.

Street Culture: Techstars Co-CEO on Coaching Startups to Define Culture

“I think that culture is one of the few problems that you have to address before they’re problems,” says TechStars co-founder and co-CEO David Brown. “If you’re struggling to figure out how to grow sales, you can wait until sales are in trouble and still turn it around. But if you wait until you’re in trouble with culture, it’s really hard to turn that boat.”

Dstillery and Captivate Partner to Go Beyond Location-Based Targeting

Audience targeting is getting smarter, and reaching new customers ideal for a given brand’s campaign is getting more feasible thanks to a partnership between location-based digital video network Captivate and marketing intelligence firm Dstillery.

Street Culture: dataPlor Strives for Transparency in Every Facet of Its Business

There’s a phrase dataPlor CEO and founder Geoff Michener uses so frequently and quickly that it almost sounds rehearsed: open, direct, transparent communication. 

Street Culture: CEO on Owning Mistakes and Terrible-but-Fun Team Building

“How we view mistakes is you admit it, you learn very quickly, and then turn it around,” says CEO and co-founder Kristen Stiles. After quoting a client a wrong price, Stiles owned up to the error, and the company develop a new procedure to ensure similar stakes would not be made again.

5 Ways to Make Your Startup Culture Stand Out

After three years reporting on “Street Culture,” Street Fight looks back on five ways that company leaders are making their company culture stand out—and some of the best pieces of advice for doing the same at your business.

Street Culture: Thumbtack Employees Driving Culture from the Bottom Up

Justin Angsuwat, Thumbtack’s vice president of people, says the Thumbtack team describes its company culture as the “Midwest of cultures.”

Report: Google Shopping Ads Taking Over Ad Spend from Traditional Formats

A new report from search intelligence company Adthena shows how consumers are interacting differently with new advertising formats and points to ad innovation as an essential brand investment.

Street Culture: Invoca’s Lessons for Active, Engaged Growth

Based a mile from the beach in Santa Barbara, Invoca aims to maintain a culture in which employees know their ideas are important. The company sponsors softball games and ocean-side volleyball and boasts its own band.

Liftoff Dating App Report Shows Cold Seasons’ User Behavior and Geographic Trends

For local marketers, dating apps are prized for their location-reliable data. In a report released last week by mobile app marketing and targeting company Liftoff, the best time to register a dating app user is in August.

Street Culture: A Culture of Growth at PacketZoom

“Introducing [new employees] to the culture has been very important; it’s important that the people we hire are growth-oriented,” PacketZoom co-founder Chetan Ahuja says. “We want them to already be useful to the business, but their main goal is to grow and to grow with the company. They’re much more valuable that way.”