A Compliance-Privacy Tsunami Will Slam Into the Data Ecosystem in 2019: Big Changes to Watch

SPONSORED, by Neil Sweeney, CEO of Freckle IoT / Killi: The takeaway for 2019 will be consent management. Why is this going to be the trend? Two reasons — the first is because consent management is nonexistent in today’s technology stacks (and, no, the catch-all ‘do you accept’ button will not be sufficient moving forward for consent management). And, second: a compliance/privacy tsunami will bear down on the entire world (not just advertising) in 2019. Every trend in 2019 will tie back to a company’s ability, or inability, to check the box on consent management.

How the Ad Industry Encourages Poor Data Quality

Digital advertising is an incredibly sophisticated industry, yet when it comes to selling in the data store, vendors lack incentive and opportunity to focus on quality. Instead, they’re restricted to sales tactics—none of which are good for buyers, brands, or the industry.

Street Fight Daily: Mary Meeker’s Trends for 2018, The State of MarTech Acquisitions

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PlaceIQ Expands Partnership With LiveRamp to Help Brands Offer Personalized Experiences

PlaceIQ announced Monday that it is expanding its partnership with LiveRamp. The collaboration aims to empower brands to create more personalized cross-channel experiences for their customers.

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LiveRamp Advances Data Identity Resolution in a Safe Place

The company’s data store is only two years old, but it hosts more than 100,000 segments with content from 120 data providers. The term “identity resolution” refers to how LiveRamp matches user data points such as ages, genders, locations, incomes, marital statuses, and other information to get a detailed consumer picture.

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Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

Data firm Commerce Signals has partnered with LiveRamp to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers. The collaboration draws upon sales data from banks and financial networks to enable marketing measurement and optimization across digital publishers and devices.

LBMA Podcast: LiveNation’s LBM Platform, UPS Invests in Deliv

On the show: Sodimac lets you sleep on the side of the highway; Yahoo! Japan partners with IndoorAtlas; ASDA + Clear Channel UK; xAD launches MarketPlace; PlaceIQ and LiveRamp work together for TV ads; Geofeedia and Dell partner.

Openings and New Hires at Verve, LiveRamp, and Tapad

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s column, Verve appoints a chief revenue officer, LiveRamp hires two new executives, and Tapad brings on new licensing talent.

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