PlaceIQ Expands Partnership With LiveRamp to Help Brands Offer Personalized Experiences

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PlaceIQ announced Monday that it is expanding its partnership with LiveRamp to offer its location-based data insights through identity resolution provider LiveRamp’s IdentityLink DataStore feature. The collaboration aims to empower brands to create more personalized cross-channel experiences for their customers.

“If I can provide my clients with easy access to a big data set that’s as well regarded as PlaceIQ’s, that’s a big win,” said Luke McGuinness, the general manager of LiveRamp’s Data Store feature. The partnership will allow LiveRamp’s IdentityLink clients to understand the silent parts of a customer journey — what happens offline — from an omnichannel perspective.

“The notion of people-based marketing is to create a unique definition of a customer,” said Nadya Kohl, PlaceIQ’s executive vice president of business and market development. Aided by this partnership, brands can link visitation to real-life places, working seamlessly across multiple channels.

“You no longer have to stitch together different media definitions for your client—you can start with that customer and expand out from there,” Kohl added.

Already, PlaceIQ and LiveRamp have worked together to penetrate the advanced television space. In 2016, they followed a series of addressable television campaigns and used location data to measure the associated foot traffic.

PlaceIQ’s high privacy standards stood out to LiveRamp in particular as it sought to expand their collaboration. “Any data company that works with us in the data store goes through a pretty rigorous review of their data sourcing processes,” McGuinness said.

“We have been at the forefront of adopting extremely progressive privacy standards,” Kohl said, noting that PlaceIQ was the 100th company to become a member of the Network Advertising Initiative, a nonprofit self-regulatory association that aims for responsible data sourcing.

PlaceIQ has been expanding its partnerships in the last several years. In 2016, the company partnered with Commerce Signals to combine transaction information with location data, and in July 2017, the company announced a collaboration with market research company IRI.

That announcement came just months after PlaceIQ unveiled its LandMark data product, which uses location data to help marketers understand changes in consumer behavior.

In the future, Kohl said that PlaceIQ will aim to enable visitation stream through the Data Store to any IdentityLink participants. “They themselves can start understanding visitation pattern as it relates to a certain universe,” Kohl said.