Biggest Tech Trend for eCommerce in 2019: People-Based Identity

If people-based identity is the new lifeblood of eCommerce, then the identity graph is its beating heart. First- and second-party data keep the heart healthy and strong, while third-party data is anemic and can ultimately lead to system failure.

The Cookie is (Still) Dead: Device IDs and the Future of Mobile Marketing

Some hybrid cookies-based scenarios will putter along, and some scale-hungry players will stick to old tech for a bit longer, but smart marketers are investing in customer data platforms that are mobile-first, connecting CRM directly to the mobile device.

Mobile Marketing and the YouTube Cookie Shift

Google recently announced that YouTube will turn to logged-in user data to verify views and ensure that relevant advertising reaches the right consumers. This will allow publishers, brands, and marketing to draw on all the highly contextual demographic and behavioral data that Google gathers from mobile consumers.