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Retailers Use AI to Mine Social Data for Back-to-School Trends

Students across the country are returning to the classroom this month — some for the first time in more than a year. While early indications show strong late-summer back-to-school sales, retailers aren’t leaving anything up to chance. Widespread confusion around health policies, safety protocols, and required supplies that can vary by school are leading retailers to rely on social media and artificial intelligence to collect information on emerging themes and trends.

back-to-school kids

Retailers on Edge as Delta Variant Spreads

School supplies and backpacks should be flying off the shelves right now, but growing concerns over the Covid-19 Delta variant are prompting more families to hold off on back-to-school shopping and make essential purchases online.

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How Burbio Is Turning Calendar Events Into School Reopening Data

Data for Burbio’s School Opening Tracker comes from more than 150,000 school and community calendars. Burbio is actively monitoring millions of events in these calendars, representing more than 35,000 schools, including the 200 largest school districts in the U.S. Events are dynamically updated daily and targeted to the zip code level. This allows retailers, brand marketers, and investors to quickly pick up on emerging trends—like schools in certain zip codes beginning to reopen for in-person learning—so they can make smarter business decisions based on local schooling data in real-time.

Back-to-School Retailing Is Now All About Using Mobile Data to Help Your Customers

Back to School (BTS) is a $53 billion shopping season that’s entering its final stage as parents and college students take care of school supplies and clothing needs before Labor Day. And as we close out this decade and look to the 2020s, the combination of mobile technology, hyperlocal commerce, and consumer expectations make this a fascinating juncture in BTS history.

Fortunately, these complex market scenarios represent more of a golden opportunity than a paradox due to the promise of mobile. Here are two reasons why national and local brands should leverage data to bridge the online-offline gap and improve their BTS sales.

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How Retailers Are Reaching Back-to-School Shoppers

It’s that time of the year. As summertime comes to an end, parents around the country have started filling up shopping carts with pencils, notebooks, and binders. Families in the U.S. are expected to spend an average of $696 on back-to-school supplies this year, the highest amount ever recorded by the National Retail Federation.

Back-to-school shopping has become an important event for retailers like Target, Walmart, and Office Depot. While ecommerce is king at other times of the year, parents shopping for their kids’ back-to-school supplies are just as likely to shop in-store as they are online.

Earn an A+ with Back-to-School Email Marketing

Retailers, have you optimized your email marketing for back-to-school shopping? If not, it’s not too late—there’s still a huge opportunity to capture your share of this year’s lucrative season, with sales predicted to reach nearly $83 billion.

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How Brands Can Use Location to Ace Back-To-School Ad Campaigns

Brands could be throwing their back-to-school ad dollars to the wind if they are only taking a standard location approach. In fact, the study found that brands could wasting more than 80 percent of their back-to-school media on the wrong audience if location data isn’t used correctly .

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How Marketers Are Localizing Their Back-to-School Campaigns

With back-to-school and back-to-college spending forecasted to reach $75.8 billion this year, brands and retailers are getting more strategic — and creative — with their localized marketing campaigns. Here are six examples of recent campaigns aimed directly at back-to-school shoppers.

Why Mobile Could Make or Break Your Back-to-School Campaign

The school year is right around the corner, which means that back-to-school shopping is already in full swing. Aside from the holidays, back-to-school is the second-largest selling season, so if retailers are not participating, they’re missing out. To be successful this school year, you need to know what trends are affecting how consumers are finding […]

How Marketers Can Use Mobile to Shape a Back-to-School Strategy

It’s that time of year again — time to get ready for school. This presents marketers with a huge opportunity to implement a back-to-school strategy, especially when it comes to mobile. According to a new report from Thinknear, 40% of customers spend at least an hour planning for back-to-school shopping on mobile…

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