Brands Embrace Holistic Data to Improve CX

Flawless experiences, complete personalization, and timely communication across multiple channels. Consumer expectations have never been higher. With the line between success and failure now razor thin, more brands are asking how they can use data to provide customized experiences that cater to each buyer’s wants and needs.

Location-Based Marketing Association: SPYR Technologies acquiring GeoTraq from JanOne

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Apiip expanding IP to Location API services to verify 1M+ requests, SPYR Technologies acquiring GeoTraq from JanOne, Google StreetView getting even better with a new camera, and Pacsun linking its physical and virtual metaverse stores.

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Where Are the Local Startups?

Google was founded in 1998; Google Maps launched in 2005. Though the company has been at the bleeding edge of technological development ever since, still those dates are telling. In internet time, Google is a senior citizen, and it stands to reason that it must eventually let the new generation have a say. Where are the startups who will unveil for us a new paradigm for local?

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Report: Brand Loyalty Declines as Consumers Push for Transparency

Following two tumultuous years, consumers are returning to their pre-pandemic ways. Spending on experiences and activities is up, and shoppers are returning to stores in person. Consumers are looking for the best selection and the best prices. What they’re not concerned with is brand loyalty. Where has the love gone?

How AI Will Transform Ad Operations over the Next 5 Years

Ultimately, Burt Intelligence CEO Carl Leskinen sees his company’s technology as elevating the status and possibly the impact of ad ops professionals in their organizations. Ad ops is well positioned to provide close-up intelligence on what kind of business is coming in, what products clients need, and how media organizations can run more smoothly. For now, their time is occupied putting out fires. With the right technology, Leskinen argues, they might be able to build a bigger house.


Why Everyone is Talking About First-Party Data and What You Need to Know

Many brands are successfully deploying interactive experiences across channels, driving immediate ROI as well as lifetime value. The improvement to lifetime value doesn’t just happen, though. There is another challenge that brands must address — which is now that they’ve captured the data, what are they going to do with it?

Adtech Execs React to Apple’s WWDC Tracking Announcements

Apple announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference that it would add some features to SKAdNetwork, its privacy-adjusted marketing measurement framework, to provide more marketing insights.

7 Audio Out-of-Home (AOOH) Solutions to Watch in 2022

Audio out-of-home (AOOH) advertising has become an ad industry darling, offering brands a creative way to connect with consumers in real-time as they move toward the point of purchase. By inserting ads into audio content, like podcasts, streaming music, or the overhead speakers in a retail store, brands are reaching on-the-go consumers and driving conversions.

The Future of Targeting Relies on the Right Data

Ad targeting is about to undergo a seismic shift. In the not so distant future, marketers won’t select who is targeted. Rather, machines–powered by ML/AI–will determine the ads consumers see.

Smartify Helps SMBs Generate Digital Ad Revenue from Window Inventory

A new program from Smartify Media would help small business owners generate incremental revenue from what has traditionally been an under-utilized asset — the storefront window.

7 Shoppable Video Platforms

With a number of shoppable video platforms preparing to launch or expand their offerings in 2022, and established companies like Firework finding interest from major investors like SoftBank, the phenomenon seems likely to gain popularity in the US.

6 Questions Brands Should Ask When Evaluating Performance CTV Providers

With lots of opportunities to reach new audiences and so many options for targeting and optimization, some marketers are understandably intimidated and not sure where to start. To help brands who are new to the space, here are six questions to ask when considering dipping your toes into the performance CTV space.

6 Contextual Advertising Solutions for Brands

Unlike most types of behavioral targeting, contextual targeting doesn’t rely on third-party cookies. That makes it an especially popular option in 2022, as more U.S. states pass stringent consumer data privacy regulations. Here are six contextual advertising solutions that brands are using right now.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Location Intelligence for Food Tech

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Trader Joe’s partnering with MagnusCards on accessible shopping, Duolingo opening a Taqueria where you can practice your Spanish, Transverse releasing a location intelligence service for food tech companies, and Engine Creative using AI with DOOH to help find missing people.

How to Use Generational Priorities to Optimize Ad Targeting

While many brand marketers dig deeper into audience targeting via geolocation, purchase histories, and mobile device identifiers, one of the most obvious differentiating factors between consumers is being overlooked — age.

Banks Can Add Amazon and Expansion of Retail Media Networks to the Watch List

Amazon wants to be as involved as possible in the end-to-end shopping experience — hence the threat to financial institutions. Yet there are ways for banks to stay in the game in the face of Amazon’s latest moves.

How Popular Are Tailored Features in Local Search?

Local search results are very different today compared with just a couple of years ago. I’m not just talking about the redesigned 3-Pack or the increased likelihood that Google will surface local results for a broad variety of searches. I’m referring to the features, such as photos and granular business details such as inventory, shown in the results themselves.

Fixing Digital Advertising for the Privacy Era Requires a Mindset Shift

Fixing digital advertising for the privacy era requires a mindset shift, according to Alessandro De Zanche, a consultant who is helping publishers like the Financial Times and agencies like Dentsu adjust their strategies for an era of less rampant tracking.

Retail Audio Advertising Firm Vibenomics Raises $12.3M Series B

Vibenomics, an audio out of home provider that helps retailers monetize their customers’ in-store attention and advertisers reach shoppers near the point of purchase, announced a $12.3 million Series B Tuesday morning. Panoramic Ventures led the round.

New Hires at Basis, Emodo, Acceleration Partners, and Redpoint Global

The monthly Street Fight new hires roundup features movers and shakers in adtech, martech, e-commerce, localized marketing, location intelligence, and more. This month’s roundup features new hires at Basis, Emodo, Acceleration Partners, and Redpoint Global.