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Offline Partnerships Drive Mobile App Success for Brands

Offline partnerships and ecosystem integrations are helping savvy brand marketers position their mobile apps in front of audiences at opportune moments.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Near Goes Public

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Near going public via a merger with Kludeln, FinGo using Hitachi’s vein mapping for user identification, Reveal Mobile launching Mira console for OOH measurement, and Domino’s deploying PopID tech for facial recognition ordering to promote the new season of Stranger Things.

Does ‘Multisearch Near Me’ Signal a Visual Search Future?

Google’s latest local search play was on display at its recent I/O conference: Multisearch Near Me. If multisearch and local search had a baby, that’s essentially what was announced. It lets users search using images or screenshots along with the text “near me” to see local results.

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3 Ways to Move Past SKAdNetwork

Here is a guide for brand advertisers to navigate the SKAdNetwork situation and reclaim attribution in the wake of App Tracking Transparency.

What Does Connecticut’s Consumer Privacy Act Mean for Brand Marketers?

When the Connecticut General Assembly passed the Connecticut Data Privacy Act last week, it became the fifth U.S. state to pass legislation regulating how people’s data is collected and shared online. More so than any previous legislation, Connecticut’s law could have a major impact on the way brand marketers connect with digital consumers.

How to Respond to Inflation’s Impact on Consumer Behavior

The first step is accepting that no one data source will be representative of a multi-dimensional consumer. As powerful as it is, first-party data is not scalable, and we can no longer get away with ascribing meaning without context. Finally, we need a holistic approach to identify new audiences.

​​Adgile Secures $5M to Make OOH Ads More Precise

​​Adgile Media Group, an OOH advertising startup that aims to solve for physical-world attribution, has just raised $5 million in seed funding to bring precise data to OOH advertising and convert last-mile delivery trucks into mobile billboards for brands nationwide.

Trust in the Post-Cookie Era

The solution, while tech-enabled, is decidedly old-fashioned: the digital ad industry needs to stop thinking of how to re-engineer, or clone, trust and simply re-earn it. And to do that, we have to understand what trust — or New Trust — looks like in the Post-Cookie Era.

What Makes for a Great Demand Side Platform?

I spoke with Jon Schulz, CMO of the DSP Viant, to answer precisely this question. That is, what makes for a great DSP? What do clients want from DSPs? What are the space’s major outstanding problems? And where are DSPs heading?

How to Harness Public Web Data to Delight Customers

Brands can start capitalizing on public web data by focusing on four key areas: customer reviews, social media sentiment, search engine queries, and competitor listing analysis.

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With Prices Soaring, Brands Shift Focus to Customer Experience

Rather than lowering prices to appease frustrated customers, some retailers are going a different direction. These retailers are working to improve customer experience as a way to reach new and returning customers as prices continue to soar.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Facebook Cuts Off Some Location-Based Services

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Facebook cutting off several of their location-based services, AT&T launching a location-based routing service for 911 calls, TikTok and Foursquare partnering on in-store visit data, and Unilever rolling out a hailable ice cream truck.

New Hires at OpenWeb, GeoPath, and Foursquare

The monthly Street Fight new hires roundup features movers and shakers in adtech, martech, e-commerce, localized marketing, location intelligence, and more. This month’s roundup features new hires at OpenWeb, GeoPath, and Foursquare.

5 E-Bike Startups for On-Demand Delivery Fleets

With the vast majority of last-mile deliveries arriving by bike, a new breed of e-bike startups has cropped up to serve the industry. Startups like GetHenry, Ubco ,and Joco are supplying e-bike fleets to on-demand delivery startups through a subscription model. Logistics companies are finally understanding the need for reliable bike fleets that can scale up or down based on real-time demand, and the need for e-bikes has never been greater.

As Retailers Ramp Up Social Responsibility Efforts, Consumers Focus on Prices

ENGINE found that consumers are preferring to make less frequent, larger trips for everyday household items. Walmart and Amazon came in as the two most popular retailers among consumers shopping for everyday items.


The Web3 Brand Mentality: Tips for Marketers

With more companies starting to take the plunge into this new reality, are brand marketers prepared to determine if they, too, should get involved—even if to target NFT-related content? Or does web3 still feel more akin to the latest industry wave brands must ride for fear of missing out?

Yelp Launches Request a Call to Connect Local Service Providers and Customers

Yelp announced this morning Request a Call, a feature that will allow customers to easily submit a request for a call to local service providers. The feature represents Yelp’s acknowledgement that there is still too much friction in the local services customer experience and that listings and review sites can help.

Aircam Pioneers Local Solution for Visual Search

The Rifkin brothers, who also co-founded Burstly, the company behind the mobile app-testing service TestFlight, found a way to pivot by turning their live event marketplace into a geofenced event photography business that offers local semantic photography solutions at scale.

Integral Ad Science Brings Together Contextual Targeting and Measurement

Integral Ad Science announced this morning its Control Panel, a new product that will allow advertisers to plan, measure, and optimize contextual targeting campaigns in one place.

TruPresence Helps Multi-Location Marketers Audit SEO Across Locations

Let’s say you’re a marketer at Whole Foods corporate who is responsible for auditing SEO performance across hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide. How do you audit the performance of this given URL, which looks like just a part of Whole Foods’ website but essentially functions like the independent website of a local business? How do you swiftly audit hundreds or thousands of those pages?