4 Elements Your Store’s Product Pages Shouldn’t Be Without

Let’s take a look at four elements every online store needs on their product pages, along with useful examples to illustrate the use and benefit of each.

Where Mobile Advertising is Heading in 2022

Where is mobile advertising heading? Here are a few predictions, including a blend of performance and brand marketing, added audio inventory, and an embrace of AR and VR.

Three E-Commerce Advertising Opportunities to Leverage Now

For every transaction, there are many touchpoints. And digital marketers, brands, or online retailers need to account for as many as possible. This year, there are more opportunities to leverage for little effort. Google offers a wealth of opportunities, and there are several marketplaces and social channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest offering tactics to attract more customers this year.

Getting Real About Augmented Reality’s Marketing Implications

At CES 2022, Microsoft announced a surprise partnership with chip manufacturer Qualcomm, indicating the potential for the software giant to develop smaller chips and better software for AR glasses or mobile AR applications. Add in the metaverse, and the possibility for further AR growth in advertising is extraordinary. AR experiences like these can move consumers closer to a purchase decision.

Programmatic Best Practices: Dynamic Creative Optimization

As dynamic advertising has become a standard tool for data-driven marketing, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) has become a critical capability to drive higher performance. DCO leverages machine learning for real-time media buying to deliver the best possible creative at the right time. Ads are customized and changed in relation to a user’s past behavior or current situation with individual components of an ad personalized in real-time.

Third-Party Delivery Apps Are Stealing Your Customers. Here’s How to Regain Control

Think grocery’s biggest problem is inflation? It used to be. These days, it’s third-party vendors like Instacart who impact your results in an already margin-thin business. Add in retail giants like Walmart, who are rolling out their own grocery delivery services as new services continue to pop up, and that impact becomes even greater.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Pinterest’s AR Home Decor Tool

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses Cross River Bank and PayTile teaming up on location-based payments, GeoBroadcast Solutions targeting iHeart in radio, Pinterest releasing an AR home decor tool, and PAR Technology integrating Radius Network’s Flybuy SaaS platform.

Online Reviews and the Problem of Authenticity

Recent developments from the FTC mark a significant moment in the history of online review management. Practices such as review gating have been relatively widespread in the industry for years, despite warnings such as this Help Center update published by Google in 2018: “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” 

How Data Provides a Two-Way Story to Drive Performance

Data creates a two-way story with customers. In this exchange, you deliver value to customers and they, in turn, give you important information about who they are and how they feel. Within customer experience management, this value exchange allows you to heighten the experience. It is the quality of the data and what you do with it that matters most for performance.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Google’s Location Tracking Lawsuit

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses Google getting sued over deceptive location tracking, Apple going head to head with Square by making iPhone payment terminals, SavageXFenty rolling out AR-powered FIT:MATCH tech in-store, and Placewise partnering with Bambuser to bring physical malls to customers via livestream.

Partnership Marketing is Set to Diversify and Go Global

This year, expect the partnership marketing industry to grow, become more sophisticated, and require more personnel and expertise. Brands will experiment with different payment models, diversify their mix of influencers and affiliates, and test the waters for global expansion. Not unsurprisingly, technology will play a significant role.

3 Debates Worth Having about Google’s Topics

Google’s announcement set off a firestorm of debate over whether Topics goes far enough to secure user privacy, how effective Topics would be as an ad targeting methodology, and what the announcement portends for digital advertising as a whole. Here is a rundown of those three debates over Topics and the relevant perspectives adtech stakeholders should consider.


Marketing in 2022: Data Privacy, Multichannel Engagement, and Tool Centralization

As marketers kick off 2022, they should be on the lookout for three key trends: the shift to first-party data, the increasing importance of multichannel engagement, and the centralization of marketing tools currently causing app fatigue.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Precisely Acquires PlaceIQ

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses Vibes launching a “Mobile Wallet as a Channel” service, Precisely acquiring PlaceIQ, OnQ giving shoppers control of in-store displays, and ESRI introducing it’s ArcGIS indoor positioning system.

Google Search and the Long Pandemic

As 2021 stretched on, with its vaccine controversies and mutating variants, we realized we were really just living through an indefinite phase in the middle of a long pandemic. Consumer habits, rather than getting back to normal, were settling in to a battle-weary pattern of compromise. It seemed unlikely that local search data would tell us much we didn’t already know. But it turns out the data tells a somewhat encouraging story.

How Augmented Reality Will Change the Way Brands Capture Consumer Attention

The smartphone camera and augmented reality are poised to usher in a new era of branding and advertising and will change the way brands capture consumer attention by expanding the user experience, increasing brand reach, and creating new forms of collectible content.

Putting Power Back in the Hands of Advertisers This Year

The time is ripe for advertisers to take control of their data to make more powerful connections with consumers while improving transparency, engagement, and ROI. As advertising decision makers demand more, the ecosystem is ready to challenge outdated approaches to data and attribution, a groundswell that is certain to achieve positive outcomes in the year to come.

“Returnless” Refund and Automatic Return Approval: Should Sellers Embrace Them?

ALL online merchants—not just those in the Amazon Marketplace—need to look at simplifying customer-facing processes like returns. An easier return process means happier customers, reduced friction, and fewer chargebacks.

4 Steps to Build the Ultimate Consent Management Platform

This guide will show you exactly how to increase consumer consent and safely monetize data, including best practices based on changing global regulatory requirements and cross-device management. You’ll learn how to build the ultimate CMP, which will empower your marketing and privacy teams to help your organization meet consent requirements.

The 4 Ad Tech Trends Mobile Marketers Need to Understand In 2022

2022 will be a year for the mobile advertising industry to find its footing again — and an opportunity for fast-moving players to stake new claims. The momentum these trends — contextual advertising, machine learning, consolidation, and bidding in lieu of the waterfall — have accrued over the past few months suggests there are ways to prepare yourself for what’s coming, whatever that may be.