E-Commerce Security Risks and How to Stay Safe

Online spending in the US exploded amid COVID. It’s becoming an essential part of the way even mom-and-pop shops do business, and an increasing number of startups are doing away with physical stores entirely. Whether you’re in the latter or the former group, you’ll want to take steps to ensure that your e-commerce shop is a safe place for your clients and their data.

Apple’s New Privacy Rules Are Here. Are Mobile Advertisers Ready for Them?

With Apple’s privacy changes finally live in the form of iOS 14.5 availability, a question must be asked — how ready are advertisers for these changes? Our data indicates that most aren’t ready.

No Cookies, No Problem: Harnessing the Power of Multi-Dimensional First-Party Data

While many have said that the deprecation of third-party cookies and tracking mechanisms will have a negative impact on personalized marketing, the fact is that this has finally opened the door to a much more effective approach: making full use of the richness of available first-party data.

Subscription-Based Pricing: Advantages for Businesses and Customers

The question is: Will a subscription-based pricing strategy be beneficial for your business, or do you risk scaring off clients this way?

We’ll explore the benefits of subscription-based pricing for companies and their customers and when you should consider this structure. 

Expert Roundup: How Are Mobile Payments Transforming? Part II

To define the current state and future trajectory of mobile payments, we’ve rounded up top industry voices and thought leaders from Kabbage, Fivestars, and Marqeta.

retail order pickup third-party data

LBMA: Gimbal Launches Pick-Up Solutions for Brands without Apps

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers the WNBA teaming up with Twitter on a digital hoodie, Gimbal launching pick-up solutions for brands without an app, Kroger testing drone delivery, and IKEA and Pinterest teaming-up on “Renocations.”

Direct Mail in the 21st Century: Traditional Marketing Meets Digital

Direct mail marketing has evolved significantly with advancements in technology, enabling marketers to better segment and target consumers while continuously optimizing campaigns through data-driven insights. Postcard mailings can transcend the “print media” label and hold the same targeting and attribution standards as “digital media.”

How to Take Advantage of Changing Consumer Shopping Patterns

With this in mind, retailers across all industries are investing in technologies to simplify or enhance the customer experience, ensuring the pathway to purchase is intuitive and fast. With a variety of options (and opportunities) to consider when it comes to driving e-commerce and digital engagement, what should small businesses prioritize throughout 2021 as we anticipate entering a post-Covid marketplace?

Expert Roundup: How Are Mobile Payments Transforming? Part I

To define the current state and future trajectory of mobile payments, we’ve rounded up top industry voices and thought leaders from Liftoff, Standard, Elevated Franchise Marketing, and UserTesting.

LBMA: MomentFeed Unveils “Enhanced Local Photos”

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers P&G’s SK-II retail pop-up in China, Burger King partnering with Rovio’s Angry Birds, MomentFeed unveiling “enhanced local photos,” and Ford patenting a new system for billboard-to-car advertising. Also, Mark Michael, CEO of DevHub, visits the pod. DevHub just acquired Brickwork Software.

Why Contextual AI is No Longer Advertising’s Best-Kept Secret

AI leverages and analyzes data to take action toward the best possible outcome. However, contextual AI takes this one step further. It leverages the power of machine learning to provide human-like understanding of content. For brands, this means that they can serve relevant ads without the need for cookies or third-party data. Contextual advertising allows brands to engage with consumers within their universe of interest while protecting brand safety at the highest level.

How to Deliver Digital Experiences While Remaining Privacy-Compliant

With looming privacy changes, how can brands deliver digital experiences while remaining compliant? The answer lies in multitouch attribution and transparency.

Leveraging Household Targeting and CTV to Influence the Customer Journey

As technology has vastly increased the degree of targeting granularity marketers can achieve, there’s been a tendency to think of the customer journey as a solo endeavor. But in verticals like travel, QSR, and automotive, purchase decisions are more often a group activity involving all members of the family. Household targeting is the key to maximizing marketing performance in these segments.

Amazon’s Retail-as-a-Service Expands into Payments, AR, and Salons

As Amazon continues to mature, it needs to find revenue growth in new, creative places. The company’s booming advertising business is one such conquest. Iterating on the AWS playbook by bringing tech-fueled logistical innovations to physical stores could be another.

LBMA: Target and Safeway Use Google Pay for Location-Based Promotions

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers TikTok partnering with Nielsen for geo-targeted campaigns with the aim of helping SMBs, Target and Safeway using Google Pay for location-based promotions, Petco using facial recognition tech to reunite lost pets with owners, and a KLM billboard that listens for flu symptoms.

Delivering an Online Retail Experience with In-Store Shopping’s Perks

As the future of retail customer experience takes shape, it will become more important for brands to re-create the in-store experience online. But how?

Commerce Content: A New Way to Connect with Customers Online

Most millennial consumers, the generation with the most spending power, grew up shopping by researching a product before purchasing. Nine out of 10 consumers consult reviews before making a purchase, and 56% say they consult at least four reviews before making a purchase. This portends a different way to reach consumers and convert.

LBMA: Placer.ai Raises $50m Series B

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Snap acquiring 3D mapping company Pixel8Earth, Tracesafe and Plot Projects partnering to deliver workplace safety solutions in Europe, Placer.ai raising $50M in Series B capital, and Quotient launching a “Vaccine Dashboard” to enable ad targeting at vaccine sites.

B2B Strategy: How to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand

There’s no denying it now: Video is the future of B2B marketing. Time and again, studies show that B2B marketers get the most significant results and highest ROI from video marketing efforts. Perhaps it’s no surprise that 93% of marketers say that video is an integral part of their strategy, and 99% intend to continue using it, per Wyzowl research.

4 Ways Video Management Systems Are Disrupting Retail

Surveillance cameras, typically associated with theft-prevention and security, not only help stores enforce social distancing regulations but also improve the customer experience. Here are four ways retailers can capitalize on video management technology.