Why Contextual AI is No Longer Advertising’s Best-Kept Secret

AI leverages and analyzes data to take action toward the best possible outcome. However, contextual AI takes this one step further. It leverages the power of machine learning to provide human-like understanding of content. For brands, this means that they can serve relevant ads without the need for cookies or third-party data. Contextual advertising allows brands to engage with consumers within their universe of interest while protecting brand safety at the highest level.

How to Deliver Digital Experiences While Remaining Privacy-Compliant

With looming privacy changes, how can brands deliver digital experiences while remaining compliant? The answer lies in multitouch attribution and transparency.

Leveraging Household Targeting and CTV to Influence the Customer Journey

As technology has vastly increased the degree of targeting granularity marketers can achieve, there’s been a tendency to think of the customer journey as a solo endeavor. But in verticals like travel, QSR, and automotive, purchase decisions are more often a group activity involving all members of the family. Household targeting is the key to maximizing marketing performance in these segments.

LBMA: Target and Safeway Use Google Pay for Location-Based Promotions

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers TikTok partnering with Nielsen for geo-targeted campaigns with the aim of helping SMBs, Target and Safeway using Google Pay for location-based promotions, Petco using facial recognition tech to reunite lost pets with owners, and a KLM billboard that listens for flu symptoms.

Delivering an Online Retail Experience with In-Store Shopping’s Perks

As the future of retail customer experience takes shape, it will become more important for brands to re-create the in-store experience online. But how?

Commerce Content: A New Way to Connect with Customers Online

Most millennial consumers, the generation with the most spending power, grew up shopping by researching a product before purchasing. Nine out of 10 consumers consult reviews before making a purchase, and 56% say they consult at least four reviews before making a purchase. This portends a different way to reach consumers and convert.

LBMA: Placer.ai Raises $50m Series B

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Snap acquiring 3D mapping company Pixel8Earth, Tracesafe and Plot Projects partnering to deliver workplace safety solutions in Europe, Placer.ai raising $50M in Series B capital, and Quotient launching a “Vaccine Dashboard” to enable ad targeting at vaccine sites.

B2B Strategy: How to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand

There’s no denying it now: Video is the future of B2B marketing. Time and again, studies show that B2B marketers get the most significant results and highest ROI from video marketing efforts. Perhaps it’s no surprise that 93% of marketers say that video is an integral part of their strategy, and 99% intend to continue using it, per Wyzowl research.

4 Ways Video Management Systems Are Disrupting Retail

Surveillance cameras, typically associated with theft-prevention and security, not only help stores enforce social distancing regulations but also improve the customer experience. Here are four ways retailers can capitalize on video management technology.

Locations Are Pointing the Way Forward After Third-Party Cookies

When marketers store and analyze location data on the device, they reap the benefits of location-based marketing without running afoul of privacy standards. They are able to marry real-world insights with other types of data such as app behavior and online interactions while keeping all the consumer’s data on their phone.

local city location

Expert Roundup: How Will Location Intelligence Transform This Year? Part II

To define the current state and future trajectory of location intelligence, we’ve rounded up top industry voices and thought leaders. Executives at GroundTruth, Blis, and Stirista weigh in.

LBMA: Amazon Opens a Hair Salon

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Amazon opening a hair salon in London with magic mirrors and AR, Japan’s Mitsubishi and Unerry partnering on a smart city project in Jakarta, CVS rolling out digital audio messaging with In-Store Audio Network, and Gentle Monster creating experiential retail with robots and donkeys.

Private Ad Marketplaces Pave the Way for Post-Cookie Advertising

Private marketplace ad programs (PMPs) are becoming more and more popular with advertisers. In 2020, eMarketer announced that programmatic ad spending on private marketplaces will exceed open exchanges for the foreseeable future. Let that sink in for a minute — the exchanges that have long underpinned the way we way buy digital media are no longer the most popular tactic for media buyers.

The Era of Zero-Click Consumer Engagement Is Here

Location marketing has now had its testing moment, a moment that Google and its contemporary alternatives have been priming themselves for, whether knowingly or not, for quite some time. The era of zero-click consumer engagement has arrived; if that had been apparent to local SEOs prior to this year, it’s now clear to consumers and everyone else concerned with the business of local commerce.

Apple’s IDFA Change: Call It Advertising Shockwave: The Prequel!

How Facebook adjusts to the lack of identifiers on Apple devices may provide a broad template for digital advertising as targeting becomes more challenging.

Don’t Call It a Recovery Yet: Small Business Growth Still Lags

Like the consequences of the shutdowns, the recovery is far from uniform. Booming growth, bull markets, crypto surges—these have little relevance to the real-world health of our economy. A decade of “roaring 20s” celebration is possible, but it’s not here yet. If the needs of the smallest firms are not perfectly aligned with the needs of the largest, their recovery won’t be, either.

LBMA: Verizon Announces Hyper Precise Location Service

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers fake restaurants tricking delivery apps and consumers, Dollar Tree getting into the retail media business, Verizon announcing its Hyper Precise Location service, and Stirista releasing its OMNA identify graph platform.

Why the End of Cookies Creates a Problem for Ad Frequency Capping

Without third-party cookies and with fewer individual identifiers from iPhones, aspects of digital marketing that we have come to take for granted and barely think about are about to be seriously impacted. One of these is frequency capping.

Location Intelligence Enters a New Phase

Using location data and intelligence to understand what was happening, and modify business strategy to adapt, became more critical than ever amid COVID. What are some of the more innovative applications we’re seeing in this ‘next generation’ of location intelligence?

How to Cater to the Covid-Conscious Consumer

Resonate took a fresh look at the transformed retail reality in its latest State of the Consumer Report, which examines the values, concerns, and attitudes guiding the purchasing decisions of today’s pandemic-concerned consumers. Let’s take a look at a few trends that retail brands need to keep in mind as they navigate this year.