Roundup: Mapping Tech Evolves, Adding Third Dimension and Pedestrian POV

To define the current state and future trajectory of mapping, we’ve rounded up top industry voices from Foursquare and NextNav as well as Street Fight’s own Mike Boland.

LBMA: Uberall’s Acquisition of MomentFeed

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Überall raising $115M and acquiring MomentFeed, LifeTagger and QR 2.0, Princess Cruises’ CrewCall bringing services to passengers at their location, and Perch rolling out “product aware displays” for Purina.

Fostering a Cybersecurity Culture to Avoid Retail Apocalypse

Reports indicate that local commerce is picking up. Consumers have shown pent-up demand, according to the National Retail Federation, after being locked down for many months with stimulus funds burning holes in their pockets. Retailers are noticing, but so are cybercriminals.

Think You’re Ready for AI? You Might Not Be

Despite its great promise, AI is not for everyone, and integrating AI into your existing functions isn’t something that happens overnight. If you’re not ready – and you don’t have the right kind of data to make AI productive and the insights actionable – it can be more of a hindrance than a help. AI-based campaigns should be approached carefully and methodically, but if done right, the payoff can be substantial.

How E-Commerce Apps Can Win Prime Day

Advice abounds about how to prepare for Prime Day 2021 (June 21 and 22) — from perfecting your social strategy to how to score the best deals. Here are a few tips, backed by data, to help your brand come out of online retail’s biggest day with an even bigger win.

LBMA: NextNav Merging with Spartacus

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers a free laundry service for the homeless, Rockbot teaming with Clear Channel on the airport market, NextNav merging with Spartacus to go public, and solar-powered e-paper bringing real-time signs to the Bavarian ski resort.

Our Industry’s Efforts to Solve the Identity Crisis Are Grossly Misdirected

Today’s industry trades are clogged with speculation and solutions addressing the forthcoming upheaval of the digital identity landscape. Unfortunately, little of the discussion and proposed paths forward are focused on mobile apps, the environment in which the loss of consumer targeting capabilities is going to be most devastating.

7 Things to Know About Cannabis Marketing

Legal cannabis sales skyrocketed 46% last year, and the industry’s marketing sector is growing alongside it. But marketing a substance that is only recreationally legal in 14 states and medicinally permitted in 36 requires a more targeted approach than ads for soft drinks or toilet paper. Here are seven things to know about cannabis marketing.

Expert Roundup: How is Mapping Innovation Playing Out? Part I

Mapping is one of those foundational “meat and potatoes” topics in Street Fight’s repertoire that buttresses local commerce. But despite its longstanding positioning at the center of that world, and its mature status, it still somehow continues to show rapid transformation and innovation cycles. Experts from HERE Technologies, GroundTruth, and SafeGraph expound on the state of mapping tech.

Executives Should Support Vaccinations. They Are Just Good Business

Encouraging vaccination simply makes better strategic sense for any business facing system-wide unknowns, especially in the online/tech space. This is a moment for all e-commerce professionals to lead.

Educating Advertisers on Streaming TV: Tips for 2H Planning

With explosive growth, there always comes a bit of a learning curve. Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroScale, the parent company of DistroTV, explains how the pandemic accelerated streaming TV market growth and what advertisers should be aware of as we approach 2H planning.

How Diverse Content Production Helps You Become A Thought Leader

Blog posts are great, but they’re not the only thought leadership format. Videos and other media can expand your reach and boost your reputation.

What Apple’s New Privacy Features Mean for Brand Marketers

With the biggest news from Apple pertaining to push notifications, email, IP addresses, and Apple Wallet, it is a critical time for marketers to reassess their strategies and get even smarter about how, when, and where they connect with customers. To state the obvious, more user-centric controls mean more opportunities for customers to shut down communications from brands who aren’t meeting their needs.

LBMA: Amazon Prepares to Launch a Publisher ID

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers the arrival of PayPal QR Codes at Munich Airport, Amazon getting ready to launch its own publisher ID, a digital signage portal bridging Lithuania and Poland, and GroundTruth rolling out geo-contextual targeting on OTT/CTV.

Mapping Innovations Accelerate for the Post-Covid Era

The latest mapping innovations can be summed up in the announcements coming out of the last three major developer conferences. As we’re in the midst of developer conference season, this includes Google I/O, Snap’s Partner Summit, and Apple’s flagship WWDC. Let’s tackle those one at a time.

Retailers, It’s Closing Time for Open Web Advertising

The digital ad industry is now living in the future we’ve been warned about for years — or one facet of that future, at least. We’re effectively living in a post-third-party-cookie world. But it’s not the end for retail marketing.

What Brands Can Do When the Cookie Crumbles

As third-party cookies are phased out, brands will have to stay nimble to weather the transition successfully. It’s a good idea to shift focus to contextual marketing and build up first-party data now. Keep an eye on better alternatives like Unified ID 2.0, and watch how agencies are adapting. That way, you’ll be ready when the cookie crumbles.


Anonymized, Localized Shopper Data Offers a New Beginning for Brand Marketers

Rather than fear upcoming changes, marketers should welcome the steps being taken to safeguard consumer data privacy and recognize the opportunity to leverage the massively rich, privacy-compliant consumer data sets that are still available to them.

Using Business Insights to Complement Automation and Optimize Search Strategy

With automation leveling the playing field, marketers need to find new ways to use their proprietary business intelligence to keep an edge over their competitors in search. Marketers can add immense value to automation, maximizing its ability to drive strong performance.

LBMA: Verve Group’s Acquisition of Beemray

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Instagram rolling out a product called “drops,” Intent IQ launching a new opt-in data sharing platform, NielsenIQ acquiring Label Insight, Simpleview investing in Stroll, and Verve Group acquiring Beemray.