5 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2022

2022 will be another big year for digital advertising. Over the next 12 months, we are likely to see new norms take shape surrounding privacy, targeting, and evolving channels, fundamentally reshaping the industry as we know it today.

LBMA: Supermarket Uses In-Store Data to Drive Programmatic DOOH Ads

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Life360 acquiring Tile, Albert Heijn using in-store data to inform programmatic DOOH ads, Mondelez Vietnam using AI in a mooncake marketing campaign, and WaitTime bringing load-balancing tech to retail with a Mall of America pilot.

Is Shopify Plus Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, what version of Shopify do you really need? Shopify Plus is the top-tier option and the priciest, but it offers exclusive features and capabilities designed to skyrocket growth and sales. Learn more about what Shopify Plus has to offer and see if it’s the best choice for your business.

How D2C Brands Are Capitalizing on Physical Stores and Shifting Metrics of Success

Now, digital-first brands are embracing brick-and-mortar. In doing so they are upending the way we measure success in physical retail spaces and rewriting the retail playbook in the process.

Digital Advertising Has a Promising 2022 in Store — for Those Who Get Ready for It

The industry is moving away from third-party cookies, toward VR/AR experiences, and into a rebounding economy. We’ll see more things transform in 2022 — and here are some trends that I see accelerating, which advertisers, agencies, and publishers need to watch.

LBMA: Google Maps Goes Head to Head with Instacart

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers SPREE Interactive taking its VR platform global, a Robot mixologist serving drinks and collecting data, Google Maps going head to head with Instacart, and Square launching a Photo Studio app.

Holiday Marketing Amid Current Supply Chain Disruptions

By using marketing to communicate transparently about potential shortages while at the same time helping shoppers either locate hard-to-find items or come up with alternative gift ideas, companies can overcome the current challenges and actually deepen their relationship with consumers, leaving them well-positioned for when the supply chain does return to something resembling normal.

How Personalized Packaging Can Drive Loyalty and Conversions

The key word here is experience. Opening a box full of bubble wrap or (get the vacuum ready) packing peanuts does not lend itself to compelling video content. What cements a product in the viewer’s mind is the branded experience. This could be personalized tissue paper, a thematic wrap element, clever inlay design, or custom selected product samples, to name a few.

How Retailers Can Scale their Workforces for the Holidays and Beyond

How can operations and HR leaders in retail organizations overcome a significant worker shortage, both now and in the future?

Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounting

To meet the moment, retailers should be paying attention to the macro-factors impacting the current retail environment, ever-changing customer preferences (even so much as the final days before BFCM), and the nuances of the company’s own assortment and capabilities.

LBMA: Google Enters OEM Vehicle Navigation Space

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Google getting into the OEM vehicle navigation space, Giant Food piloting mobile deals on perishable foods, Lowe’s launching a “room scanning tool” using LIDAR in their app, and Amazon’s Alexa coming to hospitals and assisted living homes.

Snap Doubles Down on Immersive Ads

Snap has been doubling down on AR — mostly seen through updates to its Lens Studio AR development platform and the evolving formats it offers to brand marketers. This recently culminated in two new programs to further stimulate AR marketing: Snap’s AR Lab and its Arcadia creative studio.

Reaching Consumers with Relevant Messaging for the Holidays

Each month, Street Fight sources expert insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is the Hybrid Holidays, and our experts share their takes on optimizing email campaigns for relevance, taking advantage of OOH, and cookieless solutions.

Advertising Costs for Casual Mobile Games Are Down This Holiday Season

While costs will likely continue to fluctuate, the post-IDFA reality is here to stay. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps mobile game marketers can take to better manage their spend and increase down-funnel performance across all categories during the 2021 holiday season and beyond.

How America’s Growing Embrace of Intersectionality Should Inform Marketing

Population growth today is mostly driven by non-white groups, and the number of people who identify as biracial or multiracial has grown enormously – by almost 25 million since the 2010 census. This sends out a clear message to marketers: People are embracing their own multidimensional identities, and brands should follow suit in their messaging.

Personalization’s Chief Risk and Reward: Identity Reinforcement

Martech is not an industry that merely measures or codifies consumer behaviors, interests, and identities. It is an industry in the business of manufacturing identities. And that is an awesome political and economic power in both the positive and negative senses of the word.

Customer Loyalty: How to Build Lasting Relationships with Online Shoppers

In their hurry to attract new shoppers, online businesses easily lose sight of the importance of keeping existing customers satisfied. And while you do certainly need to expand to grow, nurturing customer loyalty can be more affordable and effective in numerous ways.

5 Reasons Direct-to-Consumer Marketers Should Invest in CTV and OTT

There’s never been a better time to make the move to CTV/OTT. Regardless of the path you choose, as audiences increasingly turn their attention to streaming media, DTC brands can’t afford to get left behind. Allocating some budget for CTV/OTT in the coming year is a smart investment that will put your brand ahead of the competition and in front of active, engaged audiences.

3 Cutting-Edge Trends in Digital Advertising

Many firms claim to propose an ad model that no other company can replicate, but trends are emerging among the “next-generation” advertising technologies. Three of those trends include context becoming a layer of all advertising, real-time updates to messaging, and interactivity driving engagement.

Marketers Focus on Buyer Intent Data as Privacy Undermines Targeting

But firms, such as LinkedIn, G2, Qualified, and 6Sense, are rolling out and testing solutions to fill the gaps in B2B targeting. Gartner found prospects spend 50% of their time getting information from third-party sources, and sales teams can use buyer intent signals to learn about that activity and act on it. Here’s what four industry leaders from the aforementioned companies have to say about taking advantage of B2B marketing opportunities.