Street Fight Daily: A Test for Voice Search Readiness, Putting the Video Ad Boom into Numbers

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Synup Test Measures Voice Search Readiness for Brands (Street Fight)
Voice is the future of online search, but not enough businesses are prepared for the transition. To that end, the local SEO firm Synup recently released a product it’s calling the Voice Readiness Test to help brands discover how their search results sound to consumers using popular hands-free systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Video Swells to 25% of Digital US Ad Spend (eMarketer)
This year will mark a milestone for digital video advertising in the US, according to eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast. In 2018, video will grow nearly 30% to $27.82 billion. That means video ad spending will make up 25% of US digital ad spending.

TripAdvisor Debuts API with MomentFeed Partnership, Helping Brands Reach Hungry Travelers (Street Fight)
A new partnership between TripAdvisor and MomentFeed is making it possible for the customer experience management platform’s restaurant clients to manage TripAdvisor’s sponsored advertising product via the MomentFeed platform.

Adobe Magento’s Vision for Personalized ‘Experience Commerce’ (MediaPost)
Adobe acquired commerce platform Magento for $1.68 billion less than six months ago. On Tuesday, the company announced its first set of integrations that bring analytics and personalization of Magento’s Commerce Cloud into Adobe’s Experience Cloud.

Fraudsters Are Masquerading As Real DSPs (AdExchanger)
The first rule of ad fraud: If it can be spoofed, it will be spoofed. Bad actors are pretending to be legit, demand-side platforms to try and fool partners and blend in with real ad calls as a way to purvey malware and litter the web with forced redirects.

Sears Hires Advisers to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing (WSJ)
Sears Holdings Corp. has hired M-III Partners LLC to prepare a bankruptcy filing that could come as soon as this week, according to people familiar with the situation, as the cash-strapped company that once dominated American retailing faces a debt payment deadline.

What Marketers Are Saying About Facebook’s New Portal Device (Marketing Land)
Most of the coverage so far has been skeptical. Privacy expert Ann Cavoukian says that, on paper, Facebook’s security claims look good, but urges marketers who want to leverage the technology to “trust, but verify.”

As Money Runs Tight, Snapchat Makes Whatever Is Coming After TV (Fast Company)
This week, Snap is unveiling its biggest initiative in original programming yet. Dubbed Snap Originals, it includes a dozen new shows produced specifically for Snap, ranging from a horror anthology, to a mysterious campus mystery created by a writer on Riverdale, to a docuseries about drag queens who are coming of age. Bloomberg: Snap’s running out of money

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