Street Fight Daily: Google Maps Gets Social, The Hot New Ad Trend Is … Billboards?

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Google Maps Gets Social, Enabling Users to Collaborate on Choosing Local Options (VentureBeat)
Google Maps will now let you create a shortlist of places by dragging and dropping candidate venues onto a little floating bubble at the side of the screen. This list can be shared with friends through any messaging app, and they can then vote for their preferred option — or throw other options into the mix.

Three Takeaways From DMEXCO 2018: Top Concerns in Digital Marketing (Street Fight)
From brands to vendors to publishers, DMEXCO is a good bellwether to consider when trying to understand where things are headed. Brands taking control, data quality, and publishers getting smarter about data are key topics I kept hearing about—and for good reason.

Billboards—Yes, Billboards—Are Having a Heyday in the Digital World (Recode)
Ads on billboards, buses and at venues like baseball stadiums are expected to see record spending this year. Worldwide ad spend on so-called “out-of-home” advertising is expected to reach $38 billion this year, up 3 percent since last year and 35 percent since 2010, according to data from ad measurement company Zenith.

Placed and Adobe Advertising Cloud Launch TV Attribution Partnership (Street Fight)
Adobe Advertising Cloud and Placed, an online-to-offline attribution company, have launched a partnership that will measure whether linear television advertising drives in-store visits. Through the partnership, Adobe will provide the data used to place ads, which Placed then examines to connect ads to store visits.

IBM Launches Watson-Based AI Platforms for Advertising, Marketing (MediaPost)
IBM on Tuesday introduced technology based on artificial intelligence for advertising, marketing, automotive, customer service, human resources, supply chain, and other industries. The “pre-trained” tools and services are based on Watson.

eMarketer Lowers Snap Ad Revenue Forecast (eMarketer)
This year, eMarketer estimates that Snap will generate $662.1 million in net US ad revenue, lower than the $1.03 billion eMarketer had projected last March. We now expect that Snap will not break $1 billion in US ad revenue until 2020.

Why It Could Be Bad for Facebook That Instagram’s Founders Just Quit (Vox)
An analyst at JPMorgan said in a note to clients Tuesday, reported by CNBC, that Systrom and Krieger’s departure was “surprising” and that Facebook’s shares would likely come under “meaningful pressure” for their exit in the near term.

Shopify CEO Lutke Says Amazon Is Encroaching On Its Turf (Bloomberg)
“They are creating products now that help small businesses market their products better which is frankly the space we are in,” Tobias Lutke, chief executive officer of Ottawa-based Shopify, said in an interview with BNN Bloomberg TV at a tech conference in Toronto.

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