Placed and Adobe Advertising Cloud Launch TV Attribution Partnership

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Adobe Advertising Cloud and Placed, an online-to-offline attribution company, have launched a partnership that will measure whether linear television advertising drives in-store visits.

Adobe Advertising Cloud TV offers data-based, partially programmatic linear TV buying, while Placed’s service, called Placed Attribution for TV, tracks the impact of television advertising on in-store visits.

“It’s important to not just look at linear as a platform for reach, but look at it as a platform for performance,” said Placed CEO and founder David Shim. “We’re closing the loop when it comes to linear TV to store visits.”

Through the partnership, Adobe will provide the data used to place ads, which Placed then examines to connect ads to store visits, Shim said.

Adobe does not buy TV in the traditional sense, but instead purchases specific segments, which is “bringing a programmatic layer to TV buying,” Shim said. He stressed the importance of measuring the differences between traditional TV media buys and programmatic purchasing. “If you’re going programmatic, you shouldn’t be doing it just to say that you’re doing it,” he said.

Dentsu Aegis Network, a media communications service, piloted the program for a major retail brand. The brand saw an 8.4% lift in store visitation, which translated into a 2.3x return on ad spend, according to Shim.

Placed Attribution for TV had previously measured that one-third of all TV ad campaigns do not drive incremental lift (all other things being equal), which Street Fight has reported. Thus, Placed can be sure the pilot showed that the retail brand outperformed one-third of all television campaigns.

“It really highlights … that there’s opportunity to constantly tune the model” for this partnership in order to drive conversion to in-store visits, Shim said.

For Adobe clients, utilizing the new service will just require requesting it from their representative. For Placed clients using various advertising solutions across different platforms, they will be able to access “multi-touch attribution across all channels,” Shim said.

Marketers today understand that “media isn’t consumed in a silo; it’s consumed across the board,” he added. Marketers need to be able to understand how each advertising touchpoint works toward driving an intended outcome. Placed specializes in measuring the intended outcome of in-store visits, and the company’s measurements are integrated systematically with a wide range of marketing solutions of which TV is just one, Shim said.

Anna Kramer is a staff writer at Street Fight.