Street Fight Daily: Twitter Offers Native Ads On Audience Platform, Media Buy Leverage Changing

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Twitter Offers Native Ads to Brands on Audience Platform… GroupM’s Brian Lesser: The Nature of Media Buying Leverage Has Changed for Good… This App Lets You Compare Ride-Hailing Prices As Well As Driver Payouts…

6 Ways Brands Can Automate Updates on Local Facebook Pages

For a brand with 10, 100, or even 1,000 locations, having to create and manually update local Facebook pages can be daunting, but a number of hyperlocal vendors have stepped in with solutions to streamline the process. Here are six examples of platforms that multi-location businesses can use to automate their updates across local Facebook pages.

7 Platforms National Brands Can Use to Run Local Campaigns

The biggest challenge for national marketers targeting local markets has traditionally been scale, but new hyperlocal solutions are making it easier for major brands to reach hundreds, or even thousands, of markets with individualized campaigns that can be generated with the click of a button.

Company Culture Priorities for 2016

In the Street Culture column we launched in 2015, Street Fight began looking more closely at the clever, fun, and smart ways startups in the hyperlocal industry are building culture into their organizations as they scale. No two companies we spoke with were the same, but many are driving their cultures along the same tracks. Based on our interviews, here are the top four culture-focused priorities for startups to address in 2016.

The Price of Free Listings

When the Yellow Pages directory came out once a year, if your business’ phone number was printed incorrectly, you were in trouble. It was the same with local business listings on the internet, except that instead of one or two books, there were thousands of websites carrying your bad data. This added up to a serious headache for multi-location brands and a serious opportunity for solutions providers that could bring order to the free business listings chaos. Here’s a look at how listings management has evolved.

Online Reviews Providing Insights That Help Brands Compete

The evidence is in. Reviews on social media have a material impact on the capital investments made by nationwide brands. The key is strength in numbers: A national brand will be more likely to have the critical mass of reviews required in order to move beyond anecdotal evidence and glean statistically significant results.

Street Culture: MomentFeed CEO Says ‘Don’t Work Here Unless You Absolutely Must’

“We only grow at a rate that guarantees that we can provide [our customers] the product and expertise that will drive that high level of customer success,” says CEO Robert Blatt. “We are growing rapidly, but we really limit our growth so we can always deliver client success.”

Street Fight Daily: Macy’s Expands Same-Day Delivery Via Amazon, Angie’s List Misses Growth Targets

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Advertising Isn’t The Solution To The Media’s Problems — It Is The Problem (Fortune)… Macy’s Battle for the ‘Last Mile’ Leads to Amazon (New York Post)…

Why All Brands Need to Prepare for the Localization of Marketing

In order to fully appreciate the significance of localized marketing, we first need to understand the dominant forms of marketing that preceded it. There have been three major technological disruptions over the past century that fundamentally changed the marketing landscape.

How Multi-Location Brands Can Dominate Local SEO

There have never been more ways to find a Starbucks. You can go to the store locator on the website: chances are, it will be the mobile version, because that’s how local search happens more often than not. Or you could use the Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, or HERE Maps apps. Or you could […]

Big Possibilities for Brands With New Facebook Targeting Tool

In October, Facebook launched a long awaited feature for many small business marketers: the ability to reach people nearby. Now big brands are finding ways to to leverage the new Facebook Local Awareness ads — and do so at scale…

Why Apple Maps Is Partnering With Local Search Companies

Last week, after I uncovered that Apple Maps had cut deals with at least ten new companies (including Yext, Location3, Yodle, et cetera) to provide business listings data, I got a few emails asking what the big deal was. Here’s what I see is going on…

6 Marketing Strategies for National Retailers Managing Local Outlets

National retailers have access to expertise, money, and boatloads of data-driven marketing tools, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to local marketing. One-quarter of national brands say they’re unable to track ROI at the local level, and 33.8% aren’t even investing in local marketing. Here are six strategies that national brands should consider…

Hyperlocal Execs’ 2014 Predictions (Part One): Moz, Foursquare, Booker

As we have for the past couple of years, Street Fight recently asked a number of hyperlocal luminaries to weigh in with their predictions for where local is headed in 2014. We’ll be running their responses in two installments, today and tomorrow…

New Ebook Looks at Instagram as a Local Channel for Marketers

Instagram has evolved since its debut in 2010 to become a true local channel, one in which brands can build deeper, more authentic connections with their most devoted fans. A new ebook from MomentFeed, “The Year of the Instagram Strategy,” delves into this topic and provides strategies and real-life examples of how brands like JCPenney, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Disney have successfully tapped into the power of Instagram…

MomentFeed Nabs $5.5M in Funding to Scale Social for Multi-location Brands

MomentFeed announced this morning that it has closed a $5.5 million Series A funding round led by Signia Venture Partners. Robert Blatt, who was quietly installed at MomentFeed’s new CEO earlier this year, told Street Fight that the new funding would go toward further scaling MomentFeed’s platform…

VIDEO: Why Brands Are Warming to Hyperlocal

For large brands, the upside of local is often shrouded in operational headaches, and overshadowed by the complexities of coordinating a decentralized, and often chaotic, campaign. Thanks to the rapid adoption of mobile devices and new innovations among vendors however, brands’ attitude to local are starting to change…

Local Search Is Becoming a Mobile Experience With a Social Layer

One of the more surprising revelations from a recent comScore study is that Facebook is now the #2 mobile app for local search, behind Google Maps. This puts it ahead of Mapquest, Bing, and Apple Maps. Yelp isn’t even in the top five. Are people really using Facebook for local search? This may seem counter-intuitive to some, but consider that Facebook is by far the most popular mobile app in the world…

5 Ways SMBs Can Find Success With Social Media Marketing

A debate has been brewing on Street Fight over whether small business owners should be spending money on social media, and its general overall importance as a marketing strategy. We figured it might be worth it to check in with a few social media marketing companies to get their latest and best tips and insights for SMB success in social media…

How Big Brands and SMBs Can Use Vine Videos to Reach Local Consumers

Vine has not only cracked the code on mobile video. It has created an entirely new medium. The question for brands and local businesses alike is how to leverage it as a marketing channel. Here are a few ideas about how to test the new app and what to look for as it matures…