Can Local Tech Make Dining Out ‘Seamless, Tailored & Magical?’

Nowait CEO Ware Sykes, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week in San Francisco, spoke with us recently about about how technology is rethinking the conventions of dining out for both customers and restaurateurs.

Moz CEO: Establishing Attribution Is About Building Businesses’ Trust

A lot of local marketing companies are operating in the shadow of prior practices and companies that created a lot of distrust in the market, says Moz CEO Sarah Bird, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week: “Part of the vision of online-to-offline attribution is to overcome that snake oil effect and build trust so you can point to data.”

Moving App Zootly Wants to Make Your Relocation On-Demand

Launched in 2015, the on-demand moving app connects anyone who needs a mover or delivery with a professional mover in minutes. Whether it’s for moving a couch, a whole home or even getting some big purchases home from a day of shopping, the idea is that you can get a van or a truck and some movers when and where the need arises.

UrbanSitter Leverages Online Connections to Ensure Trust in Childcare

Who can you trust to babysit your 5-year-old? For parents, finding someone reliable and trustworthy can be quite daunting. Urbansitter CEO Lynn Perkins grappled with these issues of trust and referral as she’s grown her local commerce service into a national vertical player.

Mono CEO: In Local Marketing, U.S. Is Maybe 5 Years Ahead of Europe

Since its founding in 2007, Mono Solutions has been giving SMBs a complete package — from website building, to helping with online visibility, to engaging with customers, to doing business online. We recently caught up with the company’s CEO, Louise Lachmann, to talk about how she sees the local industry evolving.

ShopKeep Working to Reduce SMBs’ Vulnerability to Credit Card Hacks

What can be done to protect both small businesses and their customers’ credit card information from hackers? We caught up with Norm Merritt, president and CEO of ShopKeep to talk about how software and cloud-based solutions protect local businesses.

Ground Signal Looks to Help Brands Understand Location — And Influence Consumers

We caught up with Ground Signal’s co-founder and CEO Tony Longo to talk about what companies can do to take advantage of location data to target influencers and engage with real time.

Why Cross-Device Matching Will Transform the Mobile Advertising Industry

Soon, the mobile ad industry will face one of the realities of maturity: integrating with the rest of the digital advertising world. One of the drivers leading that convergence is cross-device matching where a company can identify multiple devices own by a single person.

Juice Mobile CEO: Beacons Will Make Location ‘Honest’

Neil Sweeney, chief executive of both Juice Mobile and the spin off, Freckle IOT, talks with us about how wearables will impact the mobile ad industry and why beacons will finally make mobile location data “honest.” CEO: Google’s Entry Into Food Ordering Was a Matter of When — Not If

Street Fight recently caught up with Jed Kleckner, chief executive at, to talk about Google’s recent moves and handicap which of the other big tech companies may be interested in food delivery (hint: Amazon.)

Behind the Counter: Why a New Coffee House Picked (and Stayed With) Square

When Bien Nguyen and her husband Yen decided to open a coffee shop in Atlanta a few months ago, they had a clear vision of what they wanted their business to look like. But they knew little about the technology needed to turn that vision into a reality…

New Verve CEO: Mobile/Location Combo Will Continue to Increase in Importance

Last month, Verve Mobile, one of the earliest local-mobile marketing firms, parted ways with its long-time CEO Tom MacIssac. We caught up with the company’s new chief executive, Nada Stirratt, to talk about where she sees the industry headed.

Here’s What Small Businesses Really Want From Marketing Tech

Street Fight recently caught up with the National Small Business Association’s Molly Day to talk about small business owners’ still-mixed relationship with the tech industry and what they are looking for in marketing products…

First Data Wants to Turn Its Payment Empire Into a Local Marketing Juggernaut

First Data, the payment processing giant, wants to be more than just a black box on the counter. We caught up with Peter Karpas, global head of SMB product, to talk about moving beyond the payment business, the company’s acquisition strategy, and where the world’s largest payment process fits into the future of small business…

ZenithOptimedia, NinthDecimal Take a Crack at Offline Attribution

A partnership announced Monday morning between ZenithOptimedia and NinthDecimal plans to bring a new standard of omni-channel measurement and audience insights to ZenithOptimedia clients…

Former Kozmo CTO: There’s Froth in the Local Delivery Market

Street Fight recently caught up with Chris Siragusa, CEO of Max Delivery — who also happens to be the former CTO of, a failed food delivery startup which came to epitomize dot-com era excess. Here, Siragusa talks about what’s changed in delivery since the 2000s and why he thinks things will turn out differently this time around…

What Programmatic Advertising Means for Local Media

Street Fight caught up with Frost Prioleau, chief executive officer at Simplifi, a Dallas-based programmatic advertising platform that specializes in localized campaigns, to talk about what programmatic advertising means for local marketers…

Amazon and Yelp Want a Piece of Online Ordering — Here’s Why There’s Still Hope for Startups

A wave of consolidation in the food ordering industry has reignited the race to capture a $70 billion sector. But as market leaders go public and other firms barrel in on the industry, is there still room for younger companies to grow? CEO Matt Howard at EatStreet, one of the largest remaining independent ordering firms, thinks so.

How YP Plans to Move Beyond the Review

We recently caught up with Darren Clark, chief product officer at YP, to talk about the changes in the local search market and how developments in “big data” could create new ways for consumers to find businesses nearby…

Brands Ignoring Local Search Are ‘Kicking Away’ the Opportunity Google Is Giving Them

Street Fight recently caught up with David Mihm, the director of local search strategy at Moz, to talk about the impact of Google’s latest local search update on multi-location brands, the state of local search’s shift to mobile, and what a rash of new vertical sites means for Google…