Street Fight Daily: Macy’s Expands Same-Day Delivery Via Amazon, Angie’s List Misses Growth Targets

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MacysA roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Macy’s Battle for the ‘Last Mile’ Leads to Amazon (New York Post)
Macy’s is expanding same-day delivery to several new markets this summer. The department store’s efforts come as the “last mile” — the final portion of a package’s journey that takes it from a retailer’s warehouse or store to the customer’s front door — becomes the next battleground for retailers trying to increase online sales.

Angie’s List Revenue Grows Less Than Expected (Wall Street Journal)
Despite seeing revenue growth, Angie’s List has posted mostly losses since going public in 2011, as expansion efforts have ratcheted up costs. (Subscription required.)

Hyperlocal News App Blockfeed Takes Another Stab at Geo-Aggregation (Street Fight)
Hyperlocal news organizations can be necessarily limited by their neighborhood focus, but Blockfeed thinks local news has the potential to be far more viable, because the essential components — content, an audience, and advertisers — have already been brought together by geography.

Advertising Isn’t The Solution To The Media’s Problems — It Is The Problem (Fortune)
Mathew Ingram: The combination of publishers’ desperation to generate more revenue and the rise of programmatic and other tools has created a kind of perfect storm. The result is a web filled with useless and annoying banner ads, popups, page takeovers, un-killable auto-play videos, and other monstrosities.

Street Culture: MomentFeed CEO Says ‘Don’t Work Here Unless You Absolutely Must’ (Street Fight)
“We only grow at a rate that guarantees that we can provide the product and expertise that will drive that high level of customer success,” says CEO Robert Blatt. “We are growing rapidly, but we really limit our growth so we can always deliver client success.”

New Device Launch Campaigns: Key Insights For Online Advertising Success (Search Engine Land)
John Cosley: Mobile searches accounted for 49% of all smartphone-related searches, 48% of all tablet-related searches, and 41% of wearable-related searches. It’s critical for new device campaigns to be optimized for mobile and for landing pages to be mobile-ready; advertisers can use mobile bid modifiers to grab top positions and reach this growing audience.

Sponsored Content: Duplicate Listings Are Killing Your Business (Street Fight)
Duplicate listings are one of the most common data problems plaguing small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. They can confuse potential customers and cause your clients to lose business. But many marketers are uncertain about how duplicates are created, the problems they cause, and how best to address them.

Tencent Turns Venture Capitalist to Conquer China’s Digital Wallet (Fortune)
Tencent, a Chinese social media company, is eager to make small deals with e-commerce startups and local delivery and retail companies, investing in modest ventures like travel agencies and cleaning services. Its ultimate goal: to get hundreds of millions of consumers using its e-payment system.

Y Combinator-Backed StyleBee Launches Its ‘Beauty On Demand’ App (VentureBeat)
StyleBee defines itself as “beauty on demand.” Using the iOS app, users can schedule a time when they want a stylist to come to them. Then the service will find the right match and connect both parties.

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