Cheetah Digital Acquires Stellar Loyalty

The acquisition combines a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools from Cheetah Digital with the loyalty expertise and huge repository of data commanded by Stellar, according to the release, allowing the pair to provide brands with a more powerful, all-in-one B2C marketing platform.

6 Ways to Engage Your Online Audience and Turn Visitors Into Customers

How do you create content that will help you attract new customers, establish long-term relationships with your existing customers, and reach your business goals? Here are six practical recommendations on how to make your content marketing work.

Hard Data on the Choices that Make or Break Loyalty Programs

A new report from loyalty marketing firm Kobie Marketing provides cutting-edge insight on the habits and preferences of consumers vis-à-vis the loyalty programs brands are trotting out to capture customers’ attention at a time when retail giants with vast digital resources loom large. We have the highlights.

Street Fight Daily: Google Fined Record $5 Billion by EU; What Consumers Prefer in Loyalty Programs

TODAY IN DIGITAL MARKETING… Google Fined $5.1 Billion by EU for Monopolizing Mobile Search via Android Practices… Hard Data on the Choices that Make or Break Loyalty Programs… Report: Advertisers Spending More on Search and Amazon, While Social CTRs Drop…

5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Coupon Strategy

Mobile coupons create a sense of urgency, helping retailers drive short-term spikes in revenue and presenting marketers with new opportunities to collect data, track usage, and laser target the right customers. But how do you build a successful mobile coupon strategy?

Street Fight Daily: AT&T and Verizon to End Sale of Location Data, DexYP Partners with SOCi

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… AT&T, Verizon to End Sale of Location Data to Third Parties… Your Ad Tech Tax Is Amazon’s Opportunity… How the EU Is Implementing Its New Privacy Rules…

How Innovation Is Reshaping the Digital Loyalty Market

While the number of loyalty program members continues to grow, data from the loyalty, customer engagement, and data analytics firm COLLOQUY indicates the market has slowed. However, a temporary slowdown in membership growth may be setting the stage for the next big innovation.

How Dunkin’ Thinks About Google Assistant Integration and the Future of Mobile Ordering

“Increasingly, brands are being judged by the experience they deliver as much as the product,” said Paul Murray, Dunkin’ brands director of digital experience. “This is a really good example for us where we’re delivering on a great product and we’re also delivering on the experience, and we’re leveraging new technology to do it.”

The Biggest Roadblocks to Building a Top Loyalty Program

To build a successful loyalty program, make sure that customers can see what points and rewards they’ve earned without making them jump through hoops. Make your system as transparent and frictionless as possible, and try to communicate via each member’s preferred channel.

Street Fight Daily: Media Buyers Weigh in on Facebook’s Data Changes, A New Era for Uber?

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Agencies: Facebook’s Removal of Third-Party Data Turns Back the Clock on Targeting… A Deep Dive on the Challenges Facing New Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi… Paid Search, Shopping Campaign Media Buys Continue to Rise…

Could Revamped Loyalty Programs Save the Retail Industry?

As retailers grapple with finding ways to reinvent the real world shopping experience, some are revisiting their loyalty programs, which have gotten stale over the years. Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Sephora are just a few of the well-known brands trying to create added value by offering services through their loyalty programs.

5 Ways Brands Can Use POS Data for Targeted Customer Marketing

Connected point-of-sale systems are playing a central role for brands looking to develop more targeted marketing strategies. Here are five examples of ways that brands are strategically using their POS systems for targeted customer marketing right now.

InMarket Unveils Program to Recapture Lost Shoppers — And Revenue — for Retailers

The company’s new program identifies consumers who have not visited a partner retailer for a set period of time. This information is then used to put ads in front of the consumer to encourage them to return.

How to Keep Customers Loyal in 2017

Trends and fads are common in the quickly-evolving local marketing industry, but it appears that loyalty programs are here to stay. So what’s the secret to keeping customers loyal in 2017? To find out, we went directly to the experts and asked what trends they’re seeing within the local merchant community.

Local Loyalty: Klosebuy Plans to Bring Powerful Marketing to Main Street

New loyalty entrants are looking to make life simpler for the thrifty with suites of services that stretch from the marketer all the way to a consumer’s wallet. And some of those, like Klosebuy, are focusing local — targeting the SMB by giving them the power over loyalty programs once reserved for the big guys.

What Local Consumers Really Want From a Loyalty Program

To dig into what consumers expect in the loyalty programs they use most frequency today, we checked in with executives at a few of the most well-known loyalty platforms. Here’s what they said consumers are looking for in loyalty programs right now.

Thanx CEO: Loyalty Programs Using Data to Better Identify ROI

“You don’t want to spend money to collect data if it doesn’t change your revenue, and you want your revenue to deliver value,” says Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein. “A negative ROI on your marketing would say, ‘I should stop doing that,’ and a positive ROI should say, ‘I should do more of that.'”

#SFSW16: Loyalty is Back, and It’s Big, But It’s Not Cutting-Edge

“The premise of our business is that in the past you walk into your local business and everybody knows who you are. It is a very familial relational space,” Ho said. “Our goal is to help these business owners treat every single [customer] as a unique individual. Not long from now it’s either going to be like Minority Report or like Cheers. We want it to be like Cheers.”…

FiveStars Digs Deeper Into Customer Data to Get Beyond ‘Loyalty’

FiveStars co-founder and CEO Victor Ho, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week, caught up with us recently to talk about the efficiency of retention marketing, the shift from daily deals to digital loyalty programs, and what analyzing the trove of SMB consumer data can potentially yield.

Belly’s LaHive: Beacon Tech ‘A Little Bit Overhyped’

The company’s CEO says that he considers beacons “an additional channel of communication so that businesses can identify when customers are inside a store and target them with special offers,” but he doesn’t see location-based tech and loyalty programs going hand-in-hand.