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As data science continues to collide with digital marketing, customer behavior metrics are reaching new levels of actionable insight. But counteracting that advantage is the growing fragmentation of devices and platforms used in the path to purchase, making it harder to get a single view of the customer.

This is the world of customer data platforms (CDPs), and it is where Amperity hangs its hat. With a technological edge and specialization in identity, VP of strategic services Matthew Biboud-Lubeck explains to us on the latest episode of Heard on the Street how the company helps brands get the insights they need to better serve their customers.

“We bring together all of a brand’s customer data and unify it and get it back to the brand so they’re able to leverage it across the organization,” Biboud-Lubeck said. “Even though it sounds so simple just to have all your data and be able to leverage it, no one had really solved this problem of the single view of the consumer, and [brands] have made major investments to get to this place.”

The role of data is also expanding. Though we usually talk about marketing data in the context of targeting precision, attribution, or customer acquisition, it’s equally important to serve and retain current customers. Key brand metrics, unit economics like average revenue per user (ARPU), and the cost of new customer acquisition make data analytics all the more vital.

But data management is about more than just cultivating loyalty through targeted outreach. Customer data management works on broader levels such as the ongoing promotion and preservation of brand. That’s always been a universal factor in brand success, but the difference today is the level of technological sophistication for tools that can steward the tactical execution more effectively.

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