Pivoting Toward the New Consumer Experience: The 2021 Brand Innovation Survey

Most marketers have accepted that they are in the process of defining a new purchase journey that will persist into the future.

Gowalla Returns with AR Location Lenses

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers the GroundLevel Insights and Town of Whitby Project, Vodafone rolling out centimeter-level tracking, GPS tracking for dementia patients with GTX Corp solution, and Gowalla coming back with AR location lenses.

Expert Roundup: How Will Retail Transform in 2021? Part II

In part II of our retail expert roundup, we cover mixed reality’s role in retail, data, and privacy compliance, and how retail can recover and rebound in 2021.

Retailers Use AI to Rebuild the Customer Experience

Retailers are using artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience and also run their own back-end operations more efficiently.

How Agencies Can Thrive as Data Restrictions, and Walled Gardens, Gain Strength

Agencies must figure out how to help clients navigate the new privacy era of digital ad targeting. They can thrive despite new advantages for walled gardens.

retail order pickup third-party data

The Convenience Consumer Is Here to Stay

The convenience consumer values brands that meet them where they are, allowing them to act on their own terms. Tech allows retailers to cater to these customers.

Yelp Launches New Takeout Management Tools for Restaurants

Yelp announced that it would be evolving its Waitlist system and introducing new features designed to streamline restaurants’ front-of-house operations.

The Customer Touchpoints Businesses Aren’t Thinking Enough About

Businesses can’t ignore that more and more of their success is linked to apps and services they don’t own. They need to get a view of customer touchpoints.

One Year Later: How Covid Hit Ad Tech and How It’s Recovering

Covid bludgeoned ad spend, cut budgets, and forced ad tech providers to get crafty to survive. On top of that, 2021 is throwing its own curveballs, especially related to privacy, as Apple and Google downgrade tracking.

How Apple’s IDFA/ATT Change Will Affect App Publishers

If Apple doesn’t change course, we’re in for a possibly very humbling year for SMB app publishers and an App Store that advantages the largest publishers with the biggest wallets

The Comment Section Could Be the Next Big Source of Audience Data

Comments sections can be a source of feedback, wisdom, and community. They can also provide rich, first-party audience data. OpenWeb is betting on the latter.

Firefly Launches StreetIQ Platform with Puma Campaign

The Location-Based Marketing Association covers Firefly launching its Street.IQ platform with a Puma campaign, putting automobile advertising into action.

Expert Roundup: How Will Retail Transform in 2021?

Retail transformation experts expound on Google and Amazon’s approaches to e-commerce, managing customer relationships, and targeting after cookies.

The New Content King: Short-form Audio

With so many hours in the day, people are getting screened out. That’s why audio is coming back with a vengeance.

The Case for Internet Tracking

What does Apple’s IDFA change really mean for consumers? It will undermine personalization, make it harder for SMBs to compete, and upend free services.

The Stakes of Apple’s IDFA Change

The IDFA change means that iPhone users will be asked whether they want to allow tracking when they open apps. It will deal a blow to digital advertising.

Looking for the ‘Big Picture’ in Local Search

Tunnel vision is an issue that’s long plagued the SEO community. Single-location rank trackers don’t tell the complete story of how well a business is really performing in local search results. But with so many avenues to go down in measuring success, it’s almost impossible not to get sidetracked from time to time.  If businesses […]

How Restaurants Are Using Interactive AR in 2021

Restaurants, retailers, and other local businesses looking to engage customers in a socially-distant way are giving AR-enabled interactive experiences a try.

This Startup Enables Human Connections at Virtual Events — Here’s How

Virtual event organizers are struggling to reproduce the human connections that people crave in a digital-first environment. Welcome is working on a solution.

Snap Acquires StreetCred, IsWhere Partners with Huawei

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Snap acquiring StreetCred, Refinery Lab bringing Mobilosoft to the U.S., Hypertrack announcing a location-based software suite for the gig market, and IsWhere partnering with HUAWEI cloud.