Anti-Surveillance Group Claims Privacy and Antitrust Are Intertwined Issues

Two of the major policy complaints to arise about the technology sector over the past few years have been that advertising platforms, most notably Google, Facebook, and Amazon, compromise user privacy and that a select few companies — the aforementioned names plus Microsoft and Apple — are so powerful that they prevent new innovators from competing. An open letter by privacy-oriented enterprises alleges that the two issues are intertwined.

Why Are Brands Struggling to Track Influencer Campaigns?

Without accurate ways to measure and monitor the success of influencer campaigns, most brand marketers are left sitting in the dark. And many of the metrics used to track the success of campaigns on traditional advertising channels don’t work with influencer marketing, where context is everything and the volume of brand mentions can be deceiving. The data company Sama thinks it has a solution.

LBMA: OneNav Raises $21 Million

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Buffalo’s Olmstead Park using AR to bring history to life, Quan Media and AdQuick helping FreshDirect measure OOH ad performance, Kinetic and teaming up on location-based real estate ads, and OneNav raising $21 million.

Headless Checkout Tackles Cart Abandonment

Fast is challenging the received wisdom about the e-commerce funnel with an innovation called headless checkout. The term refers to a technology that allows consumers to convert with one click wherever they encounter a product — think social commerce but for any venue on the web.

Mobile Location Mapping Apps and Other Technologies Make Reopenings Safer

On its face, it looks a lot like pre-pandemic life has resumed. Behind the scenes, though, many businesses are frantically searching for ways to welcome back guests at full capacity without sacrificing safety.

Try Day Parting to Boost Your Amazon Ads

Advertisers are turning to day parting — scheduling pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during certain days and times — to better optimize their ads on Amazon’s marketplace. The tactic helps sellers reach more consumers, boost conversions, and drives down costs.

The Work-From-Home Revolution and What It Means for SMBs

Small business leaders are increasingly reimagining the workplace as they consider how to best blend in-office and virtual work.

Street Fight’s July Theme: Data’s Next Era

This month, Street Fight’s monthly focus is data. Of course, this entails more coverage of the disruptions to the ecosystem surrounding privacy — how will companies understand and build experiences for consumers as tracking gets more complicated? But the theme also pertains to innovations in data management and analysis and new use cases for AI, among other topics.

Innovation Brief: Facebook, Twitter & Tinder

On a semi-weekly basis, Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at Facebook’s e-commerce play, Twitter Ticketed Spaces, and Tinder’s latest integrations. 

4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Double Down on Your Mobile App

If the current upheaval in the market signals anything, it is that the relationship you have with your customers must be cherished, cultivated, and mutually beneficial in order to be monetized effectively. As the user acquisition game becomes more challenging, businesses must invest in personalization and engagement in order to improve retention, activation, and conversion metrics. This means doubling down on your mobile app strategy and centering it on transparency, on-device targeting, and trust.

LBMA: Verizon Acquires Senion

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Brij’s one-touch QR code product registration, SpatialTEQ showcasing its partnership with Amada Senior Care, Verizon’s acquisition of Senion, and Beaconsmind AG deploying a solution for Roberto Cavalli.

Contextual Ads Power Sophisticated Content Strategies in Privacy Era

As the advertising industry turns back toward contextual, marketers will find a much more advanced technology than the one they may equate with the term. The privacy-safe ad method isn’t just serving up sneaker ads anymore; it’s powering sophisticated, content-based brand campaigns across multiple channels and target audiences.

Scorpion Expands Its Toolbox with Yelp Partnership

The digital marketing services provider Scorpion announced a new partnership with Yelp this morning, in a move that demonstrates just how important Yelp’s advertising platform has become to the local ecosystem. Scorpion clients will have access to Yelp tools like zip code targeting, campaign goals, negative keywords, and other pilot programs that take a granular and customized approach to ad delivery. They will also be able to optimize their Yelp presence and unlock new profile optimizations that weren’t previously available.

Where Location Intelligence Stands as Foursquare Founder Steps Back

The story of Foursquare reflects what the evolution of smartphones and location technology allowed marketers to achieve — unprecedented awareness of where consumers are and how to cater to them on that basis. But data privacy concerns are pushing the narrative into new territory.

No One Solution Will Dominate the Cambrian Explosion of Digital Identifiers

Over the past year, many solutions have emerged as a means to fill the niche left behind by the third-party cookie – and while not all solutions in this space take the form of newly minted digital identifiers, the population of upstart cookieless IDs continues to grow in size, features, and wide-ranging industry support. This raises the question of just how we’ll identify the ultimate cookieless ID.

How a Brand-First Approach Builds Customer Loyalty

When every step of the buyer journey reflects your brand, from the time shoppers enter your website to the time they make a purchase, you improve your ability to forge deep and lasting connections with your customers. These customers will become loyal brand ambassadors who will advocate for your business and drive meaningful improvements in revenue and loyalty — metrics that will ultimately determine your business’ success.

Hot Vax Summer Means It’s Prime Time for DOOH

With consumers set for a summer of supercharged spending, advertisers are looking to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to push their brands in front of people enjoying their newfound freedom out of the house.

Google Postpones Cookie Day of Reckoning

Google announced it will not phase out cookies, which allow advertisers to track users across the Web, until mid- to late 2023. It had previously said it would do so by 2022.

A Marketer’s Guide to Creating Holistic Cross-Channel CX

Like channels themselves, a strong CX depends on multiple technologies that work together — and it all begins with data. As a customer engages with a brand, regardless of where, when, or in what order they do so, everything in that holistic experience must be frictionless.

Innovation Brief: Amazon, Apple, and FCC Alerts

On a semi-weekly basis, Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at Amazon’s Ring Car Cam, Apple’s new picture-in-picture feature, and the FCC’s latest alerts.