Street Fight Daily: How to Target Customers Without Being Creepy, Keys to Brand Success with Voice

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The Line Between Cool and Creepy: How Much Personalization is Too Much? (Street Fight)
With its new study, the Personalization Pulse Check, Accenture aims to help brands understand the border between cool and creepy advertising, providing insights into what the customer thinks of personalization tactics in marketing campaigns.

IBM Says Data and Utility Are the Keys to Brand Success in Voice (Fast Company)
The key to gaining access to that valuable information, and keeping your brand alive and well in the age of voice, is to recognize that this is a medium of utility and service, says IBM’s chief digital officer Bob Lord.

Google Has Asked Ad Tech Firms to Guarantee Broad GDPR Consent, Assume Liability (Digiday)
Google has rankled publishers and ad tech firms with its General Data Protection Regulation compliance strategy. But a pledge the company has presented to ad tech firms is considered particularly burdensome.

Performance Partnerships: A Better Way to Define Affiliate Marketing (Street Fight)
Robert Glazer: Performance Partnerships can only exist within a CPA model because the partners win and lose together. This isn’t the case with many of the other channels labeled as performance marketing. Performance Partnerships include everything that people want in their affiliate relationships and exclude all that is undesirable.

Omnicom Launches Platform to Connect Audiences Across Media, Creative, and CRM (AdExchanger)
“We’re moving some components that were in activation closer to planning,” said Slavi Samardzija, global CEO at Annalect. “[Omni] supports the end-to-end process of what was historically in disparate platforms.”

5 Ways to #WinBig With Gen-Z Shoppers (MediaPost)
Gen Z is more than worthy of your attention. If you address its members’ specific shopping preferences, you’re likely to see a big payoff. Let’s look at a few key characteristics of Gen Zers, and the ways retailers can best provide what they want.


Why Marketers Struggle to Define AI (eMarketer)
What exactly is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? If you’re unsure, don’t worry—you’re not alone.

Big Advertisers Embrace Blockchain to Root Out Digital Spending Waste (WSJ)
Blockchain technology has made inroads in industries from logistics to health care. Now, it’s gaining traction with marketers, who see it as a potential answer to the pitfalls of online advertising.


The Rise and Fall of an Uber HR Chief (Wired)
In January, sat down with Liane Hornsey, who until yesterday was Uber’s HR chief, to discuss the progress she’d made helping to reform Uber’s culture. The company had invited me to report on its turnaround, in the run-up to the release of its redesigned drivers app.

In Twitter Purge, Top Accounts Lose Millions of Followers (NYT)
Many celebrities, politicians and so-called social media influencers found their Twitter followings knocked down a few digits on Thursday as the company slashed tens of millions of suspicious accounts from users’ followers.

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