Google Faces Heat After Automated Threat to Shut Down a Cloud Client’s Project

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This week’s tech giant in hot water? Google, whose abuse-prevention system apparently shut down and threatened to delete a Cloud client’s project in three days due to perceived misdoing on the client’s part.

Google issued a mea culpa and plans to amend its system so that the error does not repeat itself, Business Insider reported. The author of the post on Medium even specified that the complaint had nothing to do with “the quality of Google Cloud products,” which the post calls “on par with” Amazon Web Services. 

Still, the automated error message underscores the troubles that have been arising and will continue to dog tech giants as they seek to eliminate fraud and abuse on their sprawling systems without damaging users and clients who are not truly doing anything wrong. Google can’t offer systems that detect “potential suspicious activity” and issue existential threats to clients’ operations. But it also might not have the manpower to address problems manually in an efficient manner.

The Google Cloud support team has said it will review its abuse prevention system and revise the way it communicates with clients suspected of infractions.

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