Street Fight Daily: A Glossary for SEO, Why Brands Favor Hybrid In-House Marketing

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Conquering SEO: The Glossary (Search Engine Land)
Doc Sheldon: While SEO is neither magic nor rocket science, it’s still fairly complex and getting more so every day. The vernacular can be somewhat confusing to everyone practicing SEO. Canonical, hreflang, schema, cache, robots.txt, .htaccess—these are just a handful of the many terms you’ll come across as you build, manage, and market your website.

Why Brands Favor Hybrid In-House Marketing (Digiday)
In-house agencies are all the rage, but most marketers still struggle with taking their advertising and media entirely within their four walls—leading to more brands favoring a “hybrid” approach.

MediaMath Has $180 Million to Spend on Acquisitions—What’s Next? (AdExchanger)
MediaMath, whose flagship product is a DSP/DMP, used $45 million of the investment to buy out Safeguard, one of its early investors. And it has a right to purchase another $12.5 million of that stake in six months. Even if it uses that option, $167.5 million remains.

Potential Win for Brick-and-Mortars: Back-to-School Shoppers Ease Away from E-Commerce (MediaPost)
Deloitte has just released its back-to-school spending forecast, and it looks like physical stores may be among the big winners. Its survey suggests digital influence may have hit a plateau.

As Polls Eagle-Eye News Media, Their Own Work Merits a Close Look (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: On accuracy, news organizations across the board have to address more forthrightly the public’s concerns about the truthfulness of what is presented. Those concerns do not appear to be as great as expressed in the Gallup/Knight numbers, which exaggerate a widespread talking point about growing distrust in the news media.


Uber Has Terminated Its Self-Driving Car Operators in Pittsburgh (Quartz)
Uber has laid off its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh as the company rethinks its autonomous vehicle strategy following a fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, earlier this year.

Uber and Lyft’s Never-Ending Quest to Crush Price Comparison Apps (Wired)
None of the price-comparison apps has successfully transformed into the Kayak of ride sharing, but their continued emergence points to one of the ride-share industries most significant challenges.


Facebook Fined in UK Over Cambridge Analytica Leak (NYT)
Facebook was hit with the maximum possible fine in Britain for allowing the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to harvest the information of millions of people without their consent, in what amounts to the social network’s first financial penalty since the data leak was revealed.

Lawmakers Press Google on Gmail Privacy (WSJ)
Senior lawmakers requested answers from Alphabet Inc. on Tuesday about privacy questions surrounding Gmail, the company’s popular email service.

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