Street Fight Daily: Angie’s List Shuffles Brass, Amazon’s One-Hour Delivery

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

angieslist-logo1Angie’s List Shuffles Brass, Names Third Tech Chief In Two Years (Indianapolis Business Journal)
Angie’s List announced some senior-level shuffling Tuesday, moves that come against a backdrop of the company’s cratering stock price and continued speculation of a buyout. Former ExactTarget executive Darin Brown would replace the current CTO as senior vice president of technology.

Twitter and Foursquare Make a Better Match Than You’d Think (Street Fight)
Steven Jacobs: Reports surfaced yesterday that Twitter may partner with Foursquare to help the microblogging service develop a new local discovery feature. In the perennial speculation about Foursquare’s future, the rumors lead us to ask: would a Twitter tie-up make sense?

Amazon Brings One-Hour Delivery to NYC With Prime Now (TechCrunch)
Amazon has just launched Prime Now, a one-hour delivery option for Amazon Prime members in NYC. The service will debut in Manhattan beginning today, and should roll out to additional cities through 2015. It covers tens of thousands of what Amazon calls “essential” products, including things like paper towels, batteries, toys and books.

SPONSORED: 4 Strategies to Increase Pay-Per-Call ROI for SMBs (Street Fight)
Phone leads are inarguably effective. Nearly one in five incoming calls are what SMBs consider “quality leads,” a figure that beats those leads coming from email, online forms, Facebook, and even in-store visits…

Like Tinder, But For Creative Professionals: How Thumbtack Is Remaking The Gig Economy (Fusion)
The site, which aims to remove the worst and weirdest parts of hiring skilled professionals,, comes at an opportune time given the state of the U.S. labor market. American workers with traditional clock-in jobs are being increasingly replaced by independent contractors and freelancers.

From Print to Patch to His Own ‘Indie’ Site — A 25-Year Saga (Street Fight)
Steven Jack, who was regional editor for eight Patch sites before leaving in the first round of layoffs, did what many of his terminated colleagues did — he started his own independent site. In less than a year, he has captured 31,000 unique visitors for his Only Oswego, which more than equals the town’s population.

Researchers Are Using Yelp to Predict When a Restaurant Will Shut Down (Entrepreneur)
Are customers talking trash about your business on Yelp? It may be time to start packing. Using a database of 130,000 Yelp reviews, researchers at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business have identified a way to use software to predict which restaurants are about to close.

With New Dashboards, Factual Puts a Face on Its Data (Street Fight)
Factual is making a bigger push into the media business. The data company has released a new self-service tool to allow agencies, publishers and demand-side platforms to segment and build audiences using the company’s location analytics toolset

The Secret To The Uber Economy Is Wealth Inequality (Quartz)
There is no denying the seductive nature of convenience—or the cold logic of businesses that create new jobs, whatever quality they may be. But the notion that brilliant young programmers are forging a newfangled “instant gratification” economy is a falsehood. Instead, it is a rerun of the oldest sort of business: middlemen insinuating themselves between buyers and sellers.

How Philly’s Billy Penn Is Building A Local News Audience From Scratch (Nieman Lab)
Billy Penn wants to be a central hub for news and information to Philadelphia’s growing millennial population. With a very active Twitter account, Billy Penn links out generously to others covering the city while also publishing two to three original stories each day.

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