Street Fight Daily: A Race for Food Delivery, Bing Refines Local Targeting

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology

postmatesPostmates is Giving GrubHub Seamless a Run For Its Money (SFGate)
CB Insights analyzed iTunes App Store ranking data for five different recently-funded food delivery apps. And it found that the 2-year-old Postmates, which delivers food as well as on-demand goods, is catching up to GrubHub Seamless, trending “neck-and-neck” in iTune’s food and drink category.

Yelp, Foursquare, and the Downsides of Mobile-First (Street Fight)
Steven Jacobs: In an era where the “mobile-first” motto borders on dogma for tech companies, the virtues of the desktop internet often are overlooked. While Yelp continues to benefit from desktop search, mobile-first Foursquare has struggled to sustain the explosive growth it saw early on — partly because its influence on the web ecosystem remains relatively weak.

Bing Ads Refines Local Targeting Features (SearchEngineLand)
Bing Ads has released new interface updates and features for location targeting. Radius targeting is now more granular and available in kilometers as well as miles. You can set radius targeting in 1 mile or 1 kilometer increments, up to 500 miles or 800 kilometers. Previously targeting was limited to 5 or 10 miles and then went up in 10 mile increments.

Mapkin Wants to Put Community Into Local Navigation (Street Fight)
How many times have you missed a turn when using a GPS device, or been uncertain that you even understood the directions? Mapkin a Cambridge-based startup, aims to fix that. Mapkin’s mission is to provide an improved GPS-app experience that’s “as human as possible” using nuanced navigation provided by locals.

Apple’s New Push To Randomize MAC Addresses: What’s The Impact On Ad Tech? (AdExchanger)
Devin Guan: Beginning with iOS 8, Apple will randomize MAC addresses when scanning for Wi-Fi networks. Though some ad tech vendors may face growing pains as they react to this shift, overall Apple’s decision will be a good change for the industry, as it gives users more control by removing a deterministic feature that some ad tech vendors rely on to establish cross-device identity.

Riding the Juggernaut That Left Print Behind (New York Times)
David Carr: Even though both companies involved in Fox and Times Warner merger discussions were built on print franchises, neither owns print assets anymore. To the extent that the proposal offered a crystal ball on the future of media, print doesn’t seem as if it will be much a part of it.

My Uber Got Pulled Over by the Denver Police — and Then Things Got Really Weird (GeekWire)
Dave Cook: Colorado is the self-described “vanguard” of innovation. But that’s not really how it felt to me on Friday after the Denver police stopped the UberX I was riding in. Here’s the full story, with all of the bizarre twists and turns.

Hyperlocal Media Steps Up as Newspaper Industry Declines (Guardian)
We are in the midst of the biggest upheaval in the history of the local news industry. It is against this background that hyper-local media has emerged. Hyper-local media publishers are starting to look to fill the geographical and content gaps left by the vanishing traditional local newspaper industry.

To Understand Mobile Payment Technology, Head to Disney World (Skift)
Richard Mullins: One of the biggest questions in the retail/consumer/shopping industrial complex is this: Will any of these new mobile payment or automated service projects really stick, or will they just drive people crazy? Last week, I think I saw the beginning of the answer: at Disney.

Transit App Citymapper Enters Taxi Wars With Hailo Integration (Wall Street Journal)
Citymapper, the London-based transit and journey-planning app company, has integrated taxi app Hailo Network Limited into its offering, obviating the need to switch between apps to order a taxi ride. The move follows Google Maps’ integration in May of Uber’s service into its live transit offering.

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