With Metro D.C. Cool to Community News, One Publisher Pulls Back to Profitable Niches

Local News Now seemed to be on an expansion trajectory earlier in the decade with two sites in Northern Virginia and two in the District of Columbia. But today the company has just two — and while they’re both profitable, founder Scott Brodbeck isn’t thinking of launching more sites anytime soon.

How 30A’s Multiple Revenue Streams Elevate the Local Site to New Heights

Founder and CEO Mike Ragsdale explains why diversification is such an important element of 30A’s fast growth into what is now a multimillion-dollar operation. He also explains how community news sites that don’t have a tropical beachfront to boast about can create their own unique, revenue-generating brands.

TownNews Founder: News Sites Will ‘Perish’ Without Latest AdTech

In 1989, Marc Wilson’s Montana news bulletin board put editorial content into the hands of other local-news publishers more quickly, abundantly, and cheaply. Today, Wilson’s TownNews.com serves 1,600 newspapers — big and small, daily and weekly — as well as pure-plays and other digital publications

How Local Publishers Can Make the Most of Non-Local Traffic Surges

When local stories go viral, the often do so at the expense of local advertisers who see no added value in this influx of poorly targeted leads. So how do local publishers benefit from the periodic bonanza of visiting traffic without alienating their base?

Lee Enterprises and Okanjo Team Up to Match Ads to News ‘Sentiment’

Up until now, most digital ad targeting has focused on marrying the right ad with the individual user. But that kind of targeting can be hit or miss. This new partnership will try and connect the right kind of ad messages to the right editorial content across Lee’s 20 million monthly visitors.

LMC’s Coats Not Bullish on ‘Information Trust Exchange’ to Monetize Content

After mulling over the recent proposal to realign publishers’ relationships with advertisers and readers, I went to Rusty Coats, executive director of the Local Media Consortium, to see if he thought it was something legacy media companies would buy into.

On 2nd Birthday, Fast-Growing ‘Indie’ San Angelo Live Clicks Its Spurs

Joe Hyde, founder and publisher of San Angelo Live, is seeing his independent community news site in West Texas hit $60,000 in monthly ad revenue. And on its second anniversary, the site continues to attract more unique visitors than the site of its 131-year-old “legacy” competitor.

‘Indie’ Times of San Diego Marches Northward With Twin Site in Metro L.A.

Digital media vet Chris Jennewein left Patch after the Aol sale, and returned to San Diego to launch the independent Times of San Diego. He is now a direct competitor to the Union-Tribune, and has started a twin regional site called MyNewsLa.com.

Hyperlocal News App Blockfeed Takes Another Stab at Geo-Aggregation

Hyperlocal news organizations can be necessarily limited by their neighborhood focus, but Blockfeed thinks local news has the potential to be far more viable, because the essential components — content, an audience, and advertisers — have already been brought together by geography.

Charlotte Agenda Carves Out Role as Brand Builder, Market Developer

In April, online city guide Charlotte Agenda arrived onto a shifting Charlotte, N.C. digital scene. The site’s eclectic mix of five-to-ten quick-read, mobile-friendly stories and a distinctive conversational style of commentary is standing out among local media players eager to reach a young audience, but will it prove sustainable?

McClatchy Says It’s a ‘Digital’ Company, but More Work Still Remains

There is no doubt that McClatchy is putting an enormous amount of energy and talent into digital — but will it be enough when print is shrinking so rapidly? Street fight spoke to the company’s VP of products, marketing and promotion, Christian Hendricks, about where McClatchy is in its digital evolution

How 10 Top Media Execs Think About Audience and Engagement

Here are fresh, sometimes iconoclastic thoughts on how to engage modern audiences. They come from media executives who have demonstrated they know how to do it, and have been assembled by the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications…

Street Fight Daily: A Race for Food Delivery, Bing Refines Local Targeting

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyPostmates is Giving GrubHub Seamless a Run For Its Money (SFGate)… Bing Ads Refines Local Targeting Features (SearchEngineLand)… Apple’s New Push To Randomize MAC Addresses: What’s The Impact On Ad Tech? (AdExchanger)… ….

How Local Publishers Can Score With Sponsorships: One Yard at a Time

I spoke recently to the indefatigable Teresa Wippel, founder and publisher of the indie My Edmonds News north of Seattle, about her search for new revenue stream. In 2011, two years after she began her site, she turned to a sponsorship model for streamed high school football coverage to supplement her modest display revenue. The result has been a significant source of new revenue from seven local sponsors…

5 Revenue Diversification Strategies for Hyperlocal Publications

Revenue diversification is a hot topic within the hyperlocal community, as publishers seek out new ways to generate income without sacrificing the quality of the products they provide. Some publishers are gaining audience share by partnering with other local media, some are focusing on mobile ad strategies, and others are competing for grants as non-profit organizations. What they all have in common is an interest in finding new ways to expand beyond traditional banner ads…