Street Fight Daily: PayPal’s (New) Way To Pay, AmEx Links To TripAdvisor

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology

paypalPayPal, Aiming For Retail Ubiquity, Adds One More Way To Pay (ReadWrite)
Payment Code is a new technology that PayPal is rolling out so that shoppers can pay for goods using apps that generate QR Codes readable by merchants’ existing scanning devices. To get in with larger retailers, PayPal has to contend with the the group’s tendency to move slower and the fact that they already have large investments in existing equipment.

Nokia Finding New Life In Location Services, Connected Car (Street Fight)
With its device business offloaded to Microsoft, Nokia has turned its focus to its services business, headlines by its location and commerce platform, HERE. Street Fight caught up recently with Nokia’s VP of connected car, Floris van de Klashorst, to discuss the opportunity the auto market presents the local marketing industry, the challenges facing developers, and the business case for auto and local tech.

Encouraging the Reviewers, Honestly (New York Times)
Following in the footsteps of its deals with Foursquare and Twitter, American Express is lettings its cardholders link their accounts with TripAdvisor profiles to access exclusive travel content and get deals from a handful of merchants. Next to their write-up it will say, “Amex cardmember review.” The reviewer might still be a friend — or enemy — of the establishment, but at least he really went there.

In Search of the Checkout Pixel for Local (Street Fight)
Matt Moheny: Consideration starts online, but picking up the sushi or the TV, or getting the bridal party fitted, occurs offline — and that involves not just more steps, but also more room for attribution. What was opaque previously is now fertile ground. The race is underway to plant flags at every step and, to make things interesting, with each flag planted consumer behavior is changing.

Google Moving Staff From Search To Its Payments Business In A New Push For Google Wallet (Business Insider)
Google is doubling down on Google Wallet, the mobile payment system that looks like a great idea on paper even though it has struggled in real life. At the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, Google Payments vp/product management Ariel Bardin told attendees the company was moving staff off its core Adwords search advertising product and onto its payments projects.

Retailers Find Mobile Advertising Uplift Through Data Diversity (AdExchanger)
All location-based mobile advertising campaigns are not created equal and, for retailers, the nuances between data sources and surfaced promotions have several layers of intricacy. According to the “State of the Market: Location Powered Mobile Advertising, Deep Dive on Retail” report released by Verve Mobile, driving foot traffic to physical stores is the top objective for retailers leveraging location-based mobile advertising tactics.

EveryBlock Founder Advises Twitter Not To Hire NBC News Digital Chief (Los Angeles Times)
EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty slammed NBC News Chief Digital Officer Vivian Schiller, the person who shut down his start-up, by advising Twitter not to hire her for its Head of News opening. The tweet comes shortly after a reports that said Schiller is believed to be the top candidate for the position.

Retailigence Powers Reserve for In-Store Pickup (in Mobile Ads) (Screenwerk)
Retailigence has introduced a novel feature for mobile advertising: the ability for consumers to reserve products within an ad (or landing page) for in-store pickup. Since March of this year Retailigence has been showcasing local product availability in mobile display ads via its API and the feature adds a new piece of functionality to that existing content — in store pickup.

Swirl, A Beacon-Fueled Marketing System, Raises $8M So Retailers Can Track Shoppers (TechCrunch)
With the goal of closing the gap between retailers and shoppers, the SaaS startup Swirl Networks  is rolling out a system of in-store beacons to notify consumers of specific deals according to where they stand in the store. The company has just closed an $8 million Series B round led by Hearst Ventures, the strategic investments branch of the Hearst Corporation, to fuel the expansion of their platform.

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