5 Online-to-Offline Attribution Platforms for Local Marketers

Online-to-offline attribution isn’t a challenge without a solution. A number of vendors are serving the local market with platforms designed to help local marketers at big brands and multi-location retailers assign the correct value to each point of touch in their multi-touch campaigns. Here are five vendors to which retail brands can turn.

Swirl Launches Direct Facebook Integration for Online-to-Offline Attribution

Retailers using Swirl’s platform can now connect “verified” real world store visits to Facebook ad impressions and more accurately measure the direct impact that Facebook ad campaigns are having on the way consumers move around inside their stores.

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How Retailers Running Beacon Campaigns Fared This Holiday Season

As large retail chains start unpacking the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts, mobile presence management vendor Swirl is releasing the results of its own beacon marketing campaigns run during the holiday shopping season.

Openings and New Hires at AOL, Swirl, Web.com

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. This week’s edition includes moves and new openings at Lavu, Blueshift Labs, and Placed.

Swirl Looks to Close the Digital Divide Between E-Commerce and Physical Stores

Pushing back against a shifting tide and changing consumer behavior won’t be easy, but executives at in-store digital marketing technology provider Swirl believe they can change the way consumers shop. Hilmi Ozguc, Swirl’s CEO, says the key will be arming physical retailers with the same datasets as e-commerce giants.

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10 Ways Retailers Can Create Awareness of In-Store Mobile Channels

Consumers increasingly prefer to communicate with businesses through their smartphones rather than face-to-face, even while they’re shopping in-store. Retailers have reacted to this shift by investing in beacons and mobile apps. But many are finding that use of these technologies is low because consumers don’t realize they exist. To understand how merchants should go about building these relationships and creating awareness of their mobile channels, we spoke with seven industry experts.

Holiday Shopping Data Roundup: $39 Billion to Be Spent Locally This Year

The holiday season isn’t just a big time of year for retail spending; it’s also a big time of year for retail spending data. The stats indicate one common trend: Purchasing is going to be more omnichannel than ever. Here’s a rundown on some key data points for this holiday shopping season.

Beacons to Shine a Light on Consumers’ Murky Path to Purchase

Retail activity this holiday season promises to be more omnichannel than ever, courtesy of the ever-present smartphone. That raises the stakes for retailers in terms of their preparedness and complicates their attribution metrics. With online-to-offline shopping dynamics in focus, this may be the long-awaited breakout year for beacon technology.

6 Reasons Why Beacon Programs Fail

Beacons have been heralded as the future of retail, with 85% of retailers expected to use the technology by 2016. But getting a successful proximity-marketing program off the ground involves more than just setting out a few digital devices. Here are few common pitfalls and tips on how to avoid them.

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9 Keys to Launching a Successful Beacon Program

One of the biggest questions from retailers in the coming year will likely be how they can better implement beacon programs at their stores. We asked top executives from the hyperlocal industry for their take on what’s really necessary to launch a successful beacon program…

10 Top Location-Based Mobile Campaigns of 2014

In 2014, the use of geo-data, geo-fences, beacons, ultrasound, even LED lighting and magnetic positioning systems, have coalesced around geo-targeting consumers both outside and inside store locations. We asked the folks at GeoMarketing to look back at 10 campaigns that pioneered in the space in the past year…

Study: 6 of 10 Shoppers Engage With Beacon Messaging

A new study shows that 60% of shoppers open and engage with beacon-triggered content, and 30% of shoppers redeem beacon-triggered offers at the point of purchase. Another 73% of shoppers surveyed said that beacon-triggered content and offers increased the likelihood that they would make a purchase during their store visit…

6 Marketing Strategies for National Retailers Managing Local Outlets

National retailers have access to expertise, money, and boatloads of data-driven marketing tools, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to local marketing. One-quarter of national brands say they’re unable to track ROI at the local level, and 33.8% aren’t even investing in local marketing. Here are six strategies that national brands should consider…

How to Decide If Your Business Should Use Indoor Location Technology

Indoor location technology may not be the right solution for every merchant on the street. The costs and complexities of these systems can sometimes be too much for businesses in certain industries to handle, including smaller merchants who may not see enough foot traffic on a daily basis to benefit from using in-store location tools. Here are five questions that business owners should ask when weighing the decision of whether to start using indoor location technology…

6 Ways National Brands Can Improve Their Local Campaigns

The hyperlocal technology that brands need to reach consumers locally is available and ready, so why aren’t more brands taking advantage of the opportunity? Only 7% of national marketers say they have effective local campaigns in place, according to a 2013 study by Balihoo. Here are six strategies for helping brands make the most of their local campaigns…