Constant Contact Rolls Out New Features For Contact Management Platform

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constant contactConstant Contact has upgraded its contact management platform, integrating the product with its suite of online marketing tools.  Additions to this platform include the ability to monitor growth tactics as well as enabling small businesses to expand their engagement with a “did not open” email report.

The new features for the marketing company, which has over half a million small businesses, allows these businesses to implement marketing strategies based on their interaction history in newsletter opens, click-throughs, and event attendances. These upgrades give Constant Contact’s customers an opportunity to keep track of their contacts and engage in deeper relationship building, according to the company.

“With these enhancements, our customers can easily and more effectively keep track of their contacts, build stronger relationships, and attract new customers,” said Ken Surdan, senior vice president of product at Constant Contact.

The company  also added features to its image and document-storing feature, MyLibrary, allowing customers to upload Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents, PDF and image files into their account, and dragging-and-dropping images from their desktop, Facebook and Instagram profiles. Last month, the company announced its partnership with iCapture, RoundBuzz, AdLeads, Ez Texting, and Mojaba for its AppConnect program, which helps small businesses add a mobile element to their operations.

As more and more small businesses consider new ways staying engaged with their customers, most still consider word-of-mouth and business referrals as the most effective channels.  Surdan believes that these businesses are looking to marketing solutions to stay most engaged: “Small businesses are looking for more ways to stay engaged with and build meaning relationships with their customers. To do this, they are looking for innovative marketing solutions and tools to enhance their marketing efforts.”

Myriah Towner is an intern at Street Fight.