Report: E-Commerce Sites Must Fend Off Looming Challenge from Social Platforms

The opportunity is ripe for social platforms with the right transactional infrastructure and e-commerce sites with a proper slate of marketing functions to cross into the conventional territory of the other, a new report from video marketing firm Magisto indicates. If e-commerce sites do not go beyond transactions to offer their vendors marketing possibilities, they may lose the market on transactions altogether.

Report: Advertisers Spending More on Search and Amazon, While Social CTRs Drop

Digital marketing software provider Marin Software has released its Q2 Benchmark Report, and the findings confirm the hype about advertising spend on Amazon: It’s on the rise, while social click-through rates decline and search spend remains a major priority for brands.

Street Fight Daily: Google Fined Record $5 Billion by EU; What Consumers Prefer in Loyalty Programs

TODAY IN DIGITAL MARKETING… Google Fined $5.1 Billion by EU for Monopolizing Mobile Search via Android Practices… Hard Data on the Choices that Make or Break Loyalty Programs… Report: Advertisers Spending More on Search and Amazon, While Social CTRs Drop…

Nextdoor Partners With HouseCanary, Adding Real Estate Functionality to its Social Network

The news, announced Tuesday morning, marks progress in a natural direction for Nextdoor, whose users already jabber about real estate without prodding on the social network’s part, said Nextdoor’s Chief Revenue Officer Lauren Nemeth in a company press release.

Does Google Really Need a Social Network to Succeed at Local?

“The driving vision of Google’s entire local arc is to be able to give a single eyes-free answer to any query with local intent. Social features like reviews, Guides, business owner data, and Q&A are just the means to that end,” writes David Mihm in his biweekly column with Mike Blumenthal.

Brands More Skeptical of Facebook than SMBs in Wake of Controversies

Although most multi-location brands say they’re not changing how they use Facebook for marketing, well over one fourth of the ones that use it are re-examining or decreasing their use of it due to recent scandals, according to Street Fight’s latest survey of enterprise local marketers.

Report: Social Attracting Most Widespread Investment from Advertisers, Topping Search

Move aside, Google. According to the results of a new survey, released by the advertising management firm Marin Software just this morning, nine-in-10 advertising professionals are investing in social media in 2018, beating the next most popular channel—YouTube/Google Display—by more than 10 percentage points.

Most Local Merchants Unfazed by Facebook Controversies, Though Some Signs of Trouble

By now, consequences of the negative aura surrounding Facebook’s role in customer info abuse, fake news, and Russian political meddling should have started to take hold. Yet over half of local merchants we polled said they would continue to use Facebook as they had previously, and only one in five said they may use it less.

Research Highlights Shifting Social Media Dynamics for Brands

Rachael Samuels, social media manager at Sprout Social, hopes that brand marketers who look at the research come away with a greater understanding that social cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality, and what works for one industry, or even one brand, may not work for another.

Cousins Subs Leverages Social, Marketing Tech to Stay Local

Look at the menu board at Cousins Subs, and you’ll immediately notice how important local is to the restaurant’s brand. But the commitment extends beyond the Wisconsin cheddar cheese featured among the Midwest chain’s list of local ingredients—it goes all the way back to how the brand chooses to represent itself on social channels.

Regions Bank Foregrounds the Lives of its Customers on Social With a Local Focus

“We think about our customers’ lives and the big events taking place in their lives. We focus more on the consumer and their needs than the brand and the messages we may want to push out ourselves,” said Regions Bank’s head of social media, Melissa Musgrove.

Sprinklr Launches AI Solution to Help Brands Manage Customer Experiences at Scale

Dubbed Sprinklr Intuition, Sprinklr’s AI tool can process an average of 700 million messages per day across social channels, and it becomes smarter with each customer interaction.

Customers Who Hop Onto Digital Trends Earliest Less Engaged With Advertisements

Marketers look to trendsetters as “influencers,” but can the influencer be influenced herself? A study recently published in the journal “Marketing Science” suggests that, in fact, early propagators of trends tend to respond less to advertising than latecomers.

A Major Domain Sale Suggests Primacy of Search in Future of MarTech

With search now driving more website traffic than social, John Pollard of Donuts Inc. believes the acquisition of Vacation.Rentals is representative of the importance of not only keywords but also domain names for businesses hoping to capture customers’ attention via SEO.

Marriage of Listings, Data, and Social Drive Better Results, Says SweetIQ CEO

A long-brewing change is transforming the way local business listings get used, says SweetIQ’s Mohannad El-Barachi. In a recent interview with he tells Street Fight that the integration of more features, such as chat or connections to social media, opens up new ways for businesses to bring in customers.

Facebook’s Ad Platform for SMBs Has Come a Long Way, But Still Has Room to Grow

More and more local businesses are turning to Facebook to launch hyperlocal ad campaigns. And for good reason — the company has greatly enhanced its SMB ad offerings in the past year. As a relatively young ad medium, though, Facebook hasn’t really mastered the game yet.

#SFSW15: How Pinterest, Twitter and Nextdoor Think About SMBs

A new generation of social media giants are betting big on Main Street. During the morning session of Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco, representatives from Twitter, Pinterest, and Nextdoor discussed programs designed to engage small businesses within local communities for future generations of the web.

6 Hyperlocal Platforms That Transform Social Media Into Data

The sheer volume of messages being posted across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be overwhelming for marketers. Here are six examples of hyperlocal platforms with location-specific features that businesses can use to turn social media postings into actionable data…

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Street Fight Daily: Facebook Dumps Bing, Consolidation in Ad Tech

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